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USANA Health Sciences

$429 million

Country: United States

Founded by Myron Wentz, Ph.D., a pioneer in cell-culture technology, USANA Health Sciences’ products provide cell-level nutrition, fiber and antioxidant protection for bodies.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $429 million

Marketing Style: Person-to-person

Compensation Plan: Multi-level

Products: Nutritional supplements, personal-care, energy and weight-management products

Markets: 14

Distributors: 198,000

Employees: 971

Headquarters: Salt Lake City

Year Founded: 1992

Stock Symbol: USNA—NASDAQ


One of the most talked about Network marketing companies in the MLM Industry is Usana.  As a corporation it is respected and has a constructive influence on the MLM business.

The company owners and employees have continually displayed the highest in ethics and truthfulness.  The highest distributors from many other MLM businesses have praised their hard work to effect the industry.   Their product is first-rate. Their training is excellent. 

Could Usana execute it in a different better way?

You in truth can not argue with their success.

There are avenues Usana maybe should have done.

There are several compensation plans and bonuses that have at this moment been developed specifically for the online world and have been intended for the 21st Century.   Most of them you may have by no means heard of - nevertheless they may be just what you really would like.

Here is only one case in point:  One is called a linear plan.

Specifically planned to hold up with the speed of the Internet, a vertical arrangement would allow all members to profit from Usana’s exceptional merchandise and strategy. 

A one legged arrangement seats all associates in one solitary enornous organization.  There are no 2, 3 or 6, etc groups to develop.  everybody goes into the single leg.  The uppermost associates,

newbies, inexperienced and everyone else sponsor and set individuals under all else in a veritcal leg.

 Now and then it is called a power leg plan.  Usana doesn't have a vertical design. 

Still with Usana’s achievements, picture how scores of more associates might have benefited if they could have ended up with millions of members in a straight column model.  Who wouldn’t want to develop their business if they had 1 enormous group with hundreds of thousands of people in it? 

By nature, the online world taps into massive exposure and substantial sponsoring.  Lots of 20th century comp plans actually slow the Internet process because, by purpose, it advocates an significance of a sponsor, team or association. 

In a good number of MLM businesses, the team can make or break down your chances for accomplishment.  You might be with the finest MLM company in the planet but what if you get on the wrong team? Or wrong sponsor?  Or wrong line of sponsorship? Or located in the incorrect position?

That can not happen in a linear arrangement since everyone is on the identical team and working in the same line of sponsorship. 

Figure out your own research and see for yourself.  Examine some of the other other current pay designs versus the older arrangements or even the 21st Century linear plan. 

Did Usana get it exact? You determine.

There is a lot of additional information on these several online strategies, and comp arrangements as well as this 21st century vertical plan on this blog.  Also, a lot of other companies are reviewed. 

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