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Trump Network

One of the most talked about Network marketing companies in the MLM business is Trump Network.  As a company it is respected and has a certain positive impact on the industry.

The business owners and employees have consistently shown the highest in the highest ethics and honesty.  The highest associate from many other multilevel businesses have praised their labors to influence the trade.   Their product is excellent. Their training is super. 

Could Trump Network execute it better?

You in fact can’t quarrel with their success.
There are avenues Trump Network maybe should have done.

There are some pay arrangements and programs that have now been developed exclusively for the Internet and have been designed for this century.   Several of them you could have in no way read about - but they may be precisely what you in truth would like.

Here is merely one illustration:  One is called a linear arrangement.

Purposely planned to hold up with the velocity of the online pace, a vertical design would allow all the associates to profit from Trump Network’s tremendous product and design. 

A one legged arrangement seats all associates in   giant leg.  There e 2, three or 6, etc teams to put together.  everybody goes into the linear leg.  The highest producers, fresh recruits, experienced and everyone else sponsor and position individuals beneath everyone else in a linear leg.

 Sometimes it is called a power leg strategy.  Trump Network does not have a vertical design. 

Yet with Trump Network’s accomplishments, think of how scores of additional people could have benefited if they could have ended up with millions of people in a vertical line configuration.  Who would not need to build their group if they had 1 enormous leg with hundreds of thousands of associates in it? 

By makeup, the Internet world provides immense exposure and colossal sponsoring.  Lots of 20th century compensation designs in fact slow down the online practice as, by design, it urges an value of a upline, group or organization. 

In the majority of multilevel businesses, the direct upline can make or break your likelihood for accomplishment.  You could be with the finest MLM company in the world but what if you see yourself on the incorrect group? Or wrong sponsor?  Or wrong organization? Or placed in the wrong spot?

That can't happen in a vertical arrangement since every person is on the same team and operating in the identical leg. 

Figure out your own research and see for you.  Examine any of the other additional current comp arrangements compared to the older plans or even the newer linear plan. 

Did Trump Network get it exact? You make your own mind up.

There is a batch of additional info on these different online models, and compensation arrangements as well as this 21st century one legged plan on this blog. 

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