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Team National

Team National (National Companies)

$210 million

Country: United States

Founded by Dick Loehr in 1997, Team National (formerly known as National Companies) provides membership savings on a variety of products and services in more than 20 industries, including factory-direct pricing on home furnishings and more.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $210 million

Marketing Style: Person-to-person

Compensation Plan: Multi-level

Products: Membership package that includes group buying services and savings, home furnishings, jewelry, nutritional supplements, weight-management products, skincare and automotive-care products

Markets: United States

Distributors & Customers: More than 170,000

Employees: 42

Headquarters: Davie, Fla.

Year Founded: 1997


Team National Overview: Did Team National get it Correct? One of the most spoken about MLM companies in the Network Marketing Industry is Team National.  As a company,  Team National is admired and has a constructive influence on the MLM business.

Might've Team National done it better?

However, you in reality can not argue with their success.

There are other things Team National maybe should have done.

There are a few pay plans and incentives that have at this moment been developed specifically for the online citizen and are designed for this new century.   Several of them you may well have by no means read about - nevertheless they may be precisely what you in truth would like.

Here’s only one example:  One is called a linear arrangement.

Specially intended to keep up with the speed of the Internet, a linear arrangement would allocate all the distributors to benefit from Team National’s exceptional product and strategy. 

A one legged plan seats all associates in 1 enormous structure.  There aren't 2, 3 or 6, etc organizations to create.  Everyone goes into the linear team.  The best achievers, fresh recruits, inexperienced and everyone else register and place associates under all else in a linear leg.

Now and then it is called a linear plan.  Team National doesn't have a vertical plan. 

Still with Team National’s success, conceive of how scores of additional associates might have benefited if they could have finished up with thousands of associates in a successive line configuration.  Who would not want to build their business if they had one huge group with thousands of people in it? 

By makeup, the Internet world allows massive exposure and massive recruitment.  A lot of older comp designs in fact slow the Internet practice since, by purpose, it urges an significance of a upline, group or association. 

In a large amount of network marketing companies, the upline can create or break down your probability for achievement.  You may perhaps be with the finest MLM company in the universe but what if you get on the wrong team? Or wrong sponsor?  Or wrong organization? Or placed in the wrong spot?

That can't happen in a vertical arrangement because each person is on the same group and working in the same leg. 

Do your own review and find out for yourself.  Check out a few of the other other current compensation arrangements compared to the old school arrangements or even the newer linear arrangement. 

Did Team National get it right? You decide.  

There is a batch more information on these different online strategies and pay designs plus this newer one legged plan on my blog.  Also, Team National and several other businesses are reviewed.

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