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Stampin Up

Stampin’ Up!

$200 million

Country: United States

Stampin’ Up! markets wood-mounted rubber stamps and accessories for use in scrapbooking, making greeting cards and decorating the home. The company has been expanding internationally.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $200 million

Marketing Style: Party plan

Compensation Plan: Multi-level

Products: Scrapbooking accessories

Markets:  9

Distributors: More than 40,000

Employees: 483

Headquarters: Riverton, Utah

Year Founded: 1988


Did Stampin Up get it Correct? One of the most talked  about MLM companies in the MLM  Industry is Stampin Up.  As a business Stampin Up is admired and has a certain effect on the MLM business.

It seems that there are other things Stampin Up might have implemented.   Before joining with anyone, search out a little facts.

One of the most talked about MLM companies in the MLM Industry is Stampin Up.  As a business it is admired and has a unquestionable positive impact on the industry.

The company owners and distributors have consistently demonstrated the utmost in above board ethics and integrity.  Top reps from many other network marketing businesses have praised their efforts to impact the business.   Their merchandise is excellent. Their training is excellent.  

Might've Stampin Up figured it better?

However, you really can’t argue with their accomplishment.

There are other things Stampin Up could have done.

There are a few comp designs and programs that have currently been developed specifically for the Internet and are planned for this century.   Some of them you may possibly have in no way been familiar with - nevertheless they may be exactly what you in truth would like.

Here is only 1 case in point:  One is named a one legged arrangement.

Distinctively planned to hold up with the speed of the online world, a linear plan would allocate all associates to profit from Stampin Up’s excellent product line and model.  

A vertical arrangement places all reps in one single enormous structure.  There aren't two, three or 6, etc groups to build.  each person goes into the vertical structure.  The best associates, fresh recruits, inexperienced and everyone else sponsor and set people below everyone else in a one leg.

Now and then it is called a linear strategy.  Stampin Up does not have a linear design.  

Even with Stampin Up’s achievements, conceive of how scores of more people could have been helped if they might have ended up with hundreds of thousands of members in a successive column model.  Who would not want to build their group if they had 1 giant leg with millions of individuals in it?  

By nature, the online world allows immense visibility and massive sponsoring.  Lots of old school pay designs in fact decelerate the Internet process because, by blueprint, it creates an importance of a sponsor, team or organization.  

In the majority of multilevel businesses, the upline can create or breach your probability for accomplishment.  You could be with the finest MLM company in the planet but what if you see yourself on the mistaken team? Or wrong sponsor?  Or wrong line of sponsorship? Or located in the incorrect position?

That can't occur in a linear design since every person is on the same team and running in the identical team.  

Do your own review and see for yourself.  Look at some of the other additional current pay arrangements compared to the old school designs or even the newer linear plan.  

Did Stampin Up get it correct? You make your own mind up.   

There is a batch more information on these different Internet strategies, and pay arrangements including this 21st century one legged plan on our blog.  Also, Stampin Up and many other companies are presented.  

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