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Numis Network

Don't sign up for Numis Network until you read my review. I've personally enrolled in Numis Network and I've posted what you need to know to make a solid decision.

I made this website to talk about and express my opinion on Numis Network to help people make educated decisions before they get started with Numis Network.

There is so much mis-informatioin on the internet, its difficult sometimes to know what actually works.

When I came across Numis Network, I was not sure myself but I’ve cut through all the hype and revealed the hard truth which will help you decide whether working with Numis Network is right for you or not.

Please feel free to browse my entire website and learn more about Numis Network. If you have any questions or concerns, please go to my contact page. 

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Started in August 2009, Numis Network sells numismatic coins.  Gold and silver coins that are collected for their value. If you combinated this unique product with Direct Selling you have a fast rising star. Open in the USA, Canada and UK (starting 2011).

First of all, after 25 successful years in this industry, I have never seen a company with gold and silver as their main product line.

That’s right, gold and silver.  How sweet is that!

And the timing could not have been better.  There is a worldwide interest in gold and silver right now. 

So finally, a new network marketing company has stepped up and is offering a business that allows it’s distributors a business of promoting, marketing, collecting and selling of gold and silver coins.

But not just any old coins.  These are brand new.  They are MS70 ANACS certified perfect condition gold and silver coins.  They are government minted coins from the US Mint as well as other government mints from other countries as well. 

It is the first network marketing company ever:

-       To put a distributor in a position to collect, sell and promote a tangible asset. 

-       To allow a distributor to market numismatic gold and silver coins.

-       That if you had a garage full of their products, gold and silver, that you would be extremely happy even if you decided to leave the company.

-       That your spouse will be excited about your autoship.

This is a product that:

-       you do not have to demonstrate the value

-       you do not have to have a testimony to prove it to someone

-       you don not have educate your prospect on what it is

-       you do not have to justify the prices because the market determines the price

-       you are not going to see at Walmart  or Costco in 6 months at 1/10 the price

Their main selling points:

-      5 year Buy Back Guarentee on their coins

-      Get 3 customers and get your coin for free

-      Coded bonuses that allow $100 checks from new reps to infinity

-      Autoship is a hard asset with eternal value

-      Complete turnkey registration - everything set up in 5 minutes

At first glace I could not figure out why someone would pay 3 times the spot price of silver to buy one of their coins.  I was showing my lack of understanding the values of numismatic coins.  I thought silver was silver and gold was gold. 

Once I realized that the facts supporting the prices of a numismatic coin were far greater than bullion coins, I became very impressed with Numis Network.  Their prices were at or below retail in almost every coin that they offer! 

It seems that Numis has hit a Grand Slam home run with this one.   Before the masses even know about it, you should capitalize quickly on this exploding product, company and market.