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Nikken International Inc.

$216 million

Country: United States

Nikken International sells magnetic therapeutic pillows, sleep masks, support wraps, shoe inserts, cookware, air and water filtration systems, jewelry and blankets through its global distribution network. The company was founded by Isamu Masuda in 1975 and was acquired by Toshizo (Tom) Watanabe, Nikken Chairman, in 1999.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $216 million

Marketing Style: Person-to-person

Compensation Plan: Multi-level

Products: 3 categories: lifestyle, consisting of organic-based nutrition and skin care; environmental, consisting of air and water technology; and rest and rejuvenation, which carries various magnetic products such as insoles, jewelry and sleep systems

Markets: 36

Distributors: 247,000

Employees: 510

Headquarters: Irvine, Calif.

Year Founded: 1975


Nikken Review: Did Nikken get it Right?  One of the most spoken about Network marketing companies in the Network Marketing Industry is Nikken.  As a business Nikken is stellar and has a positive  influence on the business.

Maybe, there are other things Nikken could have improved.   In advance of signing up with anybody, acquire some various details.

One of the most spoken about Multilevel companies in the MLM Industry is Nikken.  As a company it is stellar and has a unquestionable effect on the business.

The corporation owners have continually demonstrated the highest in above board ethics and integrity.  The highest members from many other multilevel companies have spoke highly of their labors to influence the industry.   Their product is excellent. Their teaching is excellent. 

Might've Nikken figured it in a different but better way?

But, you really can not dispute with their achievement.

There are avenues Nikken could have done.

There are a small number of compensation arrangements and bonuses that have now been developed in particular for the online world and have been intended for this century.   A number of of them you may well have by no means been familiar with - although they may be just what you in truth would like.

Here’s merely one case in point:  One is called a linear plan.

Purposely designed to keep up with the swiftness of the online pace, a one legged design would allow all reps to profit from Nikken’s first-rate product line and model. 

A linear design seats all distributors in one single giant structure.  There aren't two, three or 6, etc legs to put together.  Everyone goes into the linear leg.  The uppermost producers, newbies, inexperienced and everyone else sponsor and position individuals beneath everyone else in a one leg.

Now and then it is named a one legged design.  Nikken does not have a vertical design. 

Yet with Nikken’s achievements, picture how scores of additional individuals could have been helped if they could have finished up with thousands of individuals in a straight line model.  Who wouldn’t need to develop their small business if they had one giant leg with millions of individuals in it? 

By nature, the online world allows huge exposure and colossal recruitment.  Many old school comp arrangements actually slow down the Internet practice as, by purpose, it urges an significance of a sponsor, team or organization. 

In a good number of network marketing businesses, the upline can create or break down your odds for accomplishment.  You might be with the finest multilevel corporation in the universe but what if you find yourself on the wrong team? Or wrong upline?  Or wrong organization? Or placed in the incorrect position?

That can not happen in a one legged design as each person is on the identical team and functioning in the same team. 

Figure out your own review and see for you.  Check out a few of the other other current comp arrangements versus the older arrangements or even the 21st Century linear plan. 

Did Nikken get it correct? You choose.  

There is a lot of extra info on these distinctive Internet designs, and pay plans as well as this newer linear design on our blog.  Also, Nikken and many other businesses are reviewed.  By going over to our blog or by checking out our website below you will get comprehensive info. 

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