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One of the most talked about Network marketing companies in the MLM Industry is Monavie.  As a company it is respected and has a positive impact on the industry.

The company owners, officers and employees have consistently displayed the highest in ethics and honesty.  Top distributors from many other MLM companies have praised their efforts to impact the industry.   Their product is excellent. Their training is super. 

Did Monavie get it right?

As with many MLM companies doing business in the 21st century, they may have underestimated the power of the Internet.  Yes, they have a great corporate website.  Yes, their replicated websites for all distributors are fantastic.  But having a website doesn’t mean you understand how to do a MLM business on the Internet in the 21st Century.

Secondly, many MLM companies have outdated compensation plans for the 21st Century and the Internet.  When Monavie launched their company and compensation plan, they wanted to be cutting edge.  High profitability for all was the normal expectation. 

If a person actually worked their compensation plan, they would be very successful and profitable today.  A lot of distributors have made a lot of money with the Monavie compensation plan.

You really can’t argue with their success. 

There are options Monavie could have done.

There are several compensation plans and programs that have now been developed specifically for the Internet and are designed for the 21st Century.   Some of them you may have never heard of - but they may exactly what you really want.

Here’s an example:  One is called a linear plan.

Specifically designed to keep up with the speed of the Internet, a linear plan would allow all distributors to benefit from Monavie’s excellent product and design. 

A linear plan places all distributors in one giant leg.  There are no 2, 3 or 6, etc legs to build.  Everyone goes into the linear leg.  Top producers, newbies, oldies and everyone else sponsor and place people below everyone else in a linear leg.

 Sometimes it is called a one legged plan.  Monavie does not have a linear plan. 

Even with Monavie’s success, imagine how many more people could have benefited if they could have ended up with thousands of people in a straight line configuration.  Who wouldn’t want to build their business if they had one giant leg with thousands of people in it? 

Although Monavie has proved it is a great MLM company, how much faster could they have grown if everyone was guaranteed a downline?  How much bigger could they have been?   How many more people could have made significant incomes?

By nature, the Internet allows massive exposure and massive recruitment.  Many old school compensation plans actually slow down the online process because, by design, it creates an importance of a sponsor, team or organization. 

In most MLM companies, the sponsor, your direct upline or organization can make or break your odds for success.  You could be with the best MLM company in the world but what if you get on the wrong team? Or wrong sponsor?  Or wrong line of sponsorship? Or placed in the wrong postion?

That can not happen in a one legged plan because everyone is on the same team and working in the same leg. 

Do you own investigation and see for yourself.  Check out the 21st Century linear, one legged plan versus the old school plans. 

Did Monavie get it right? You decide

There is a lot more information on these different Internet models, compensation plans and this 21st Century linear plan on our blog.