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Melaleuca Inc.

$887 million

Country: United States

Melaleuca Inc. sells more than 350 products, including personal-care items, cosmetics, household cleaning supplies and vitamins to consumers through a network of sales representatives, catalogs and its Web sites.

Wolesale Corporate Revenue: $887 million

Marketing Style: Person-to-person

Compensation Plan: Single-level

Products: Personal-care products, cosmetics, household cleaning supplies and vitamins

Markets: 18

Distributors: Not available

Employees: 2,400

Headquarters: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Year Founded: 1985


One of the most talked about MLM companies in the MLM Industry is Melaleuca.  As a company it is admired and has a positive effect on the MLM business.

The business owners have continually shown the uppermost in the highest ethics and truthfulness.  The leading associates from many other multilevel businesses have praised their pains to influence the business.   Their manufactured goods is excellent. Their training is excellent. 

Might Melaleuca figure it in a better way?

You in fact can’t argue with their achievement.

There are avenues Melaleuca maybe should have done.

There are several pay arrangements and bonuses that have now been developed in particular for the online world and are intended for the 21st Century.   Some of them you might have in no way read about - although they may be just what you in truth need.

Here is just one case in point:  One is named a one legged design.

Distinctively intended to hold up with the pace of the Internet, a linear plan would allocate all distributors to gain from Melaleuca’s outstanding merchandise and model. 

A linear arrangement seats all members in one solitary huge leg.  There aren't two, three or six, etc groups to create.  everybody goes into the one leg.  The best producers, newbies, experienced and everyone else sponsor and position associates under everyone else in a one leg.

 Now and then it is named a linear plan.  Melaleuca doesn't have a linear plan. 

Still with Melaleuca’s accomplishments, imagine how scores of additional individuals could have benefited if they could have ended up with thousands of people in a straight line configuration.  Who wouldn’t need to create their small business if they had one giant group with hundreds of thousands of individuals in it? 

By nature, the Internet world provides immense visibility and huge sponsoring.  Lots of old school pay designs actually decelerate the Internet practice since, by purpose, it advocates an importance of a upline, team or association. 

In a good number of MLM businesses, the sponsor can create or break your probability for achievement.  You could be with the greatest multilevel corporation in the universe but what if you get on the wrong team? Or wrong sponsor?  Or wrong organization? Or located in the incorrect position?

That can not happen in a vertical plan because each person is on the same group and operating in the same line of sponsorship. 

Figure out your own review and think about it for you.  Check out any of the other additional current pay arrangements compared to the 20th century designs or even the newer one legged plan. 

Did Melaleuca get it correct? You choose.

There is a batch of extra info on these distinctive Internet models, and compensation arrangements as well as this 21st century vertical plan on our blog.  Also, Melaleuca and several other businesses are reviewed. 

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