How to Easily Set Up Your Domain Name with Go Daddy

The good news is that you can get YOUR NAME right now at with my discount.  It's really simple, inexpensive and you can do it yourself in 5 minutes. And, if you are really want to start off right and get something extremely significant done - get your hosting account in place at the same time! 

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Step 1...Get DOMAIN                    Step 2...Get HOSTING Account

Make sure you do this right now because someone may be taking YOUR NAME if you delay even a day.

So go HERE for YOUR Domain Name (you can add on the hosting account also):



 Now YOU Can Go Here for your Hosting Account:  (You want a WordPress Hosting Account)  If you already have your domain name in place or you didnot get it in the first step, this would be a good place to start.


Need a Video tutorial?  Here's one from GoDaddy:GoDaddy Video

Also, they have live telephone support to help you...Just tell them that I sent you and you want MY Discount!

Remember, the risk is completely on them. You must absolutely love the service, or GoDaddy will refund your entire hosting fee. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Buying from GoDaddy is entirely risk-free...


There is one major mistake that almost all beginning online network marketers make that is far beyond all the rest.

First, everyone knows that to play the game, you have to "be in the game". Simply this means that to be on the Internet, YOU have to be on the Internet. The key is you. Your name has to be on the Internet.

You have to have a web presence in three areas: You have to have a domain name. You have to have a website. And, you have to have a website hosting account.

Now these are very simple and easy to do but everyone thinks that they are hard. That is why so many people provide it for you. Everyone has the image of how "techie" it must be to set this up.

Now you can work through many online sites that provide them for you. Or you can join an online site that has them made for you. Or you can join a home business that will give you one of theirs if you just get involved.

These seem to be so convenient and simple. They are hard to resist. Even the price is right. They will practically give you one cheap or for free.

Although it may be for free, it does keep you from positioning yourself properly on the Internet.

The biggest mistakes new Internet marketers make is not securing their personal name.

Before you even get a website, you need to setup a name for your website. It is called a "domain name".

For you to have your own website, you must first register a domain name and get hosting for that domain.

Example: is a domain name, but you would NOT be able to use that website if it was not hosted somewhere.

Remember, a domain name is your unique home on the web.

Everyone needs to have his or her name!

Here is the quickest and easiest way to avoid this mistake:

Get your own domain name with your own personal name like mine: "" is me. Oh, if yours is already taken, then just get something like ""

Also, you need a website hosting account. I prefer to be with "one of the big boys" like GoDaddy. This is not a time to go cheap. You want it reliable and running all the time.

Pick a WordPress Blog Hosting Account so you can get a free website up in a matter of minutes.

Lastly, go and get a basic website up on that hosting account. WordPress will give them to you for free.

You do not have to be fancy or perfect for now. It just has to be your name and your website and your hosting account.

Let me suggest that you at least get YOUR OWN personal name and hosting account now!

Here is the main problem if you fail to do this now. It is not that you will be forever promoting someone else. It is not that someone else controls your site. And, it is not that another entity can post items on your site without your permission.

It is because someone else may get your name!

The only solution to avoid this mistake is to secure them for yourself. At least secure it before someone else takes your name.

Dave Lovett is a noted Internet and Online Network Marketing Professional. You can learn more about setting up your OWN NAME and HOSTING ACCOUNT at or go directly to GoDaddy Simple step by step video instructions are available at my website.

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