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GNLD (Golden Neo-Life Diamite)

GNLD International (Golden Neo-Life Diamite)

$100 million

Country: United States

At a very young age, GNLD Founder Jerry Brassfield discovered the impact quality supplements could have in helping restore good health. As a boy who suffered from allergies and asthma, Jerry’s only relief came after his mother added nutritional products to his diet.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue: $100 million

Marketing Style:  Person-to-person

Compensation Plan:  Multi-level

Products: Food/gourmet items, nutritional supplements, water treatment systems, and health/fitness/wellness, home-care, personal-care, skincare and weight-management products

Markets: 50

Employees: 90

Headquarters: Freemont, Calif.

Year Founded: 1958


GNLD Short Overview: Did GNLD get it Correct? One of the most spoken about Network marketing companies in the Multilevel Industry is GNLD.  As a business GNLD is respected  and has a constructive effect on the MLM business.

It seems that there are other options GNLD might have improved upon.   In advance of connecting with anyone, acquire a little specifics from many sources.

One of the most talked about MLM companies in the MLM Industry is GNLD.  As a business it is stellar and has a positive positive impact on the business.

The company owners and distributors have consistently displayed the highest in ethics and truthfulness.  The uppermost distributors from many other MLM businesses have spoke highly of their pains to impact the trade.   Their merchandise is admirable. Their guidance is super.  

Could've GNLD done it in a different but better way?

However, you in reality can not disagree with their accomplishment.

There are other things GNLD could have done.

There are some compensation plans and incentives that have at this moment been created exclusively for the Internet and have been designed for this century.   Several of them you might have never read about - however they may be just what you truly want.

Here is only one instance:  One is called a vertical arrangement.

Distinctively designed to keep up with the speed of the online world, a one legged arrangement would allocate all members to benefit from GNLD’s excellent product line and strategy.  

A one legged plan places all members in one individual huge structure.  There are no two, 3 or 6, etc groups to put together.  Everyone goes into the single team.  The best achievers, fresh recruits, experienced and all else sponsor and place associates under all else in a vertical leg.

At times it is named a one legged plan.  GNLD doesn't have a one legged plan.  

Still with GNLD’s achievements, conceive of how many more people might have been helped if they could have finished up with millions of individuals in a successive line configuration.  Who would not desire to develop their small business if they had one huge team with hundreds of thousands of associates in it?  

By nature, the Internet provides massive visibility and huge sponsoring.  Many older compensation arrangements in reality slow the online practice since, by blueprint, it creates an value of a sponsor, group or association.  

In a good number of network marketing corporations, the sponsor can make or break down your probability for success.  You may possibly be with the finest network marketing company in the planet but what if you get on the incorrect team? Or wrong sponsor?  Or wrong line of sponsorship? Or located in the incorrect position?

That can not occur in a vertical plan as each person is on the same team and operating in the same team.  

Figure out your own research and find out for yourself.  Check out some of the other additional current comp designs compared to the 20th century designs or even the 21st Century vertical plan.  

Did GNLD get it exact? You make your own mind up.   

There is a bundle more information on these several online strategies and comp designs including this 21st century one legged design on this blog.  Also, GNLD and many other companies are presented.

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