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Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM)

More than $100 million

Country: United States

With name-brand providers such as Dish Network, Travel FHTM, The Wireless Shop featuring AT&T, Sprint and Nextel, GE, True Essentials and Lamas, it’s easy to understand FHTM’s rapid growth.

Wholesale Corporate Revenue:  More than $100 million

Marketing Style:  Person-to-person

Compensation Plan: Multi-level

Products:  Health and beauty products, services, entertainment and communications

Markets: 3

Distributors: 85,000

Employees: 50

Headquarters:  Lexington, Ky.

Year Founded: 2001


FHTM Overview: Did FHTM get it Correct? One of the most spoken about Network marketing companies in the Multilevel Industry is FHTM.  As a corporation FHTM is admired and has a positive  impact  on the MLM business.

Conceivably there are other directions FHTM could have implemented.   Before joining up with anyone, acquire various details.

One of the most spoken about Multilevel companies in the MLM Industry is FHTM.  As a corporation it is respected and has a positive influence on the business.

The corporation owners and distributors have consistently shown the highest in ethics and integrity.  The leading associates from many other multilevel businesses have applauded their hard work to impact the business.   Their product is excellent. Their guidance is excellent. 

Might've FHTM executed it better?

But, you in truth can’t quarrel with their success.

There are options FHTM could have done.

There are some pay plans and programs that have at this moment been developed in particular for the online world and are intended for this new century.   Most of them you could have in no way been familiar with - but they may be precisely what you really would like.

Here’s merely one instance:  One is named a vertical design.

Distinctively intended to keep up with the swiftness of the Internet, a one legged design would allow all associates to benefit from FHTM’s first-rate product line and strategy. 

A linear arrangement places all associates in 1 enormous leg.  There aren't two, 3 or six, etc teams to create.  each person goes into the one leg.  The uppermost producers, newbies, experienced and all else register and set people under everyone else in a vertical leg.

From time to time it is called a linear design.  FHTM doesn't have a vertical plan. 

Yet with FHTM’s success, picture how scores of additional associates could have benefited if they might have ended up with millions of associates in a straight line model.  Who wouldn’t desire to develop their group if they had one enormous group with thousands of individuals in it? 

By nature, the Internet taps into immense exposure and massive recruitment.  Many older pay arrangements in reality slow the Internet development because, by blueprint, it urges an importance of a sponsor, group or organization. 

In the majority of MLM companies, the upline can create or break your chances for success.  You could be with the greatest multilevel company in the planet but what if you see yourself on the incorrect group? Or wrong upline?  Or wrong organization? Or placed in the wrong spot?

That can not happen in a one legged plan since everyone is on the same team and running in the same leg. 

Do your own investigation and see for you.  Check out a few of the other other current compensation plans versus the 20th century designs or even the 21st Century one legged plan. 

Did FHTM get it exact? You make your own mind up.  

There is a bundle of additional information on these several online designs and compensation plans including this 21st century one legged plan on my blog.  Also, FHTM and several other companies are looked at.  By going over to my blog or by checking out my website below you can pick up complete details. 

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