How To Stay Focused


It's just 3 weeks after all the New Year's resolutions and many are already back to their old habits.  The firm conviction to lose weight or to do things differently in your home business has already faded into the background.

In our industry, many are now back to the 'normal' routine and, sadly, are not building their business.  

Here're a few tips to refocus.

1.  Get out to Something.  

Attend a meeting or a webinar or something that is going on with other people.  make it a priority today to look at your team calendar, find something that fits for you in the next week and commit to it.  

Once you get around the others and see the presentation you will be reminded of the reason you joined in the first place.

2.  Reach out to Someone.

Call your upline or someone above you in the company that is building the business.  Set up an appointment - even if it is on the phone.  Review your goals for the month/year.  Make sure they are realistic.  Let them advise you on whether your activity goals are too high or too low.  Commit to be accountable.  

Most tend to shy away from talking to those that are building the business if they are not doing anything.  Now is not the time to be shy.  You may be a little off track now but later, if you do nothing, you'll be way off track.

3.  Listen to some Audios.

This is perhaps the easiest way to refocus.  On the way to work you could be listening to CDs that encourage, build you up, train and inspire you.  Many times I have have found that relistening to some of my old favorites really 'fire me up".

Look around and find a few and put them in your car.  Have them rady so when you do get in your car tomorrow, they are cued to come on as soon as you start up the engine.

4.  Watch a Video.

Go online and watch a video about your company.  Watch the comp plan or watch the latest video on an upcoming incentive.  Grab a training video and really sit down and watch the entire video.

Make sure that you remove distractions.  Try not to multitask.  It's easy when you at your computer to check emails or surf while a video is playing.  Just take the time to watch it for now.  

5. Start a small habit.

Maybe one of the reasons yo are already off track is that your new goals were too high.  Oftentimes past habits hold many back from moving forward.  Those habits can be broken simply by putting in new ones.

Instead of saying you are going to call 10 people a day and you have NEVER done more than 3 before.  Start small and set it up later.  Call 1 today.  get that habit in place and then move to 2, then 3, etc.   

Lastly,  the responsibility is on you.  Your upline cannot make you come out.  No one is going to come by and force you to listen to a CD or call a new prospect.  

One of the reasons you are in a home business is to be your own boss.  Being the boss means that no one is going to tell you what to do - that's up to YOU!