How To Get Started … Again!

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How To Get Started----Again!

Interesting that many start off the year with a brand new enthusiasm to really get their business moving and just a couple of months in they are already busy doing everything but their business.  

So what happened?   How do we get back on track?

Here are a few simple action steps you can do to turn that around.

1.  Go back to basics. 

That’s right, the basics always work.  Start off by making that list.  Look at your phone contact list.  Pull out the Christmas card list.  Is there someone in your office you can talk to?  How about that neighbor?  

Just put down about 10 or 15 names and numbers. 

2.  Pick up the phone.

Forget all the high tech procedures.  You don’t need a formal meeting.  Turn off you computer for a moment.  Call someone or if you must – text someone.  Invite them to coffee or lunch or breakfast.  Set up an appointment to get with them.  It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out invitation.  Just say let’s get to together and catch up.

3.  When you are with anyone, tell them.

Just bring it up.  Tell them what you are doing -.  Let them know that you have a side business.   Tell them WHY you wanted to go in this direction.  Ask them if they are looking or if they know anyone that is looking.  Give them a quick 5 min overview.  Explain just a little to see if there is any real interest.  Leave a CD or DVD or some literature with them.  If there is interest – book another appointment!

3.  Up the frequency and do a little more.

Instead of doing one appointment a month go for two a week or three a week!  Up the ante with yourself.  Call, set it up and just show up.  Let your calendar dictate your actions and not your emotions.  Once you can consistently do 1 or 2 a week then move it to 2 or 3 then 3 or 4.  Get in the grove.  You’ll find out quickly that soon it will be a normal routine to be talking to 3 or 4 new people every week.  Matter of fact, it will seem strange when you are NOT talking someone. 

4.  Get inspired.

Go to a major event.  Pull out those CDs and listen to a few.  Go out to a meeting.  Look over your company’s magazine.  Get on a conference call.  Call your sponsor, your mentor or your upline.  Plug in to someone that is actually doing what you want to be doing.  Reach out to the info and you’ll quickly remember why you got started in the first place. 


That ‘s it.  Once you get into the action mode again you’ll see that you are back on track and you are starting to build your business again!  Yea!