3 Questions That Always Work

Ok, you are at the end of your presentation.  

You've done the plan or the flip chart or the video.  Now what?

The next few moments are some of the most critical.  What you do can determine if they actually get started or not!

Just to be clear, I never ask, "What do you think?"  I doesn't matter what they think right now.  It's has to do with what they are feeling.  Decisions are made by emotions and if they are excited we are on the right track.  

The absolutely WORST question you can ask is "Do you have any questions?"  That puts them on the spot to try to ask questions that help talk them out of the opportunity and move them out of their emotional state.

Here are 3 questions that always work for me.  They let me know EXACTLY where I stand with my prospect and what I should do next.

As soon as my video stops I ask, "Well, do you see an opportunity?" If they don't, I'm already half way out the door.  I'm only sorting at this point so if they see it great and if they don't - they don't.  I'm not selling them - I'm looking for someone looking.

The 2nd question really helps me see if I am talking to the right person and I ask, "Can you afford to take advantage of it?"  Again, if they can't afford it, I'm not going to waste any more time.  Any money excuse not to do it is really just saying no.  People spend money on things they want to spend money on.

The final question gets right to the point, "Are you ready to get started?"  It's simple and direct.  After I ask it, I keep quite and just wait for the answer.  You will be surprised how often people say yes and we complete the application on the spot.  Over the years, I have found that the biggest problem most people have when showing their opportunity is that they NEVER ask someone to get started.  

There you go - 3 simple questions that always work!