Your New Years Business Goals

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When we all set our new business goals, we really want to succeed.  After a few days, many of us get distracted, detoured or unmotivated.

What we would call “higher priority” items come up and we get derailed from moving our network marketing business forward. 

Here are 3 tips I use to keep my business goals at the top of my list.

1.  Do the most important thing first.  If my goal is to call one new prospect everyday then I do not do anything until I have called my new prospect.  I don’t read emails.  I don’t call anyone else.  I don’t read an interesting article.  I don’t even go to my computer.  I call my prospect – period.  The one most important business goal everyone has is to expand their business. 

That means talking to NEW PROSPECTS is the highest priority item you can do.  Nothing else even comes close.  If you want your business to grow then talking to new prospects everyday is the only thing that will matter.  Not learning how to advertize online.  Not setting up an online funnel.  Not attending the next big Internet conference.

2.  Remember there is no one magic program to success.  I’m bombarded daily/weekly/monthly by all the gurus shouting at me about the next ‘really BIG thing’.  “This will change your business” or “This is what you’re missing,” screams the email headlines or the ad or my buddy on the phone. They all promise that their product will produce wonders for me. What I found out was – there is always another ‘really big thing’ coming out next month that the same people want me to buy. 

Stop reading them and start deleting them.  You and I both know that there will be another in 30 days.  How do you think these people are going to make any money?  Their business is selling you NEW products – duh.

I can’t tell you how many people I have seen jump from program to program, course to course, company to company or event to event without ever building anything!  There is no magic program when it comes to your business goals.  There is work.  There is being focused.  There is being single minded.  There is making sure you take care of the most important things first – then improve!

3.  Spend some time multi-tasking.  Don’t just drive to work – listen to an audio on the way there and back.  Turn that car into an information hub.  Here’s your chance to absorb info with spending additional time.  The same can be done while exercising.  You can read and pedal a stationary bike at the same time.  Not to be too gross but take some books, magazines or articles into the bathroom! 

You can probably come up with lots of different ways to do a couple of things at the same time.  I find it easy to jog with headphones.  Or sunbathe with a pad and pen next to me to take notes.  Messy…sure but its very effective. 

Even a 2 min telephone call can be done at lunch breaks, meeting breaks, waiting for someone or even going to get the mail.

Prospecting new clients or potential business associates can be done as I am out and about anyway.  Most of my errands are routine but there seems to be a passing parade of new people always in front of me.  I’m in the moment anyway – why not prospect! 

Remember, keep your business goals on the top of your to do list and everything else will fall into place.


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