What if?


Gotta Luv America.

I've seen a lot of companies in our industry over the last few decades but very few ever bring something really new to the marketplace.

New juices, new pills, new potions and even new technology.  But the model is really not that new.  

Network Marketing is still introducing new products but the basic model stays the same.

Thousands of products come every year but few ever really making a dent.  

What if a brand new model came into our industry?  


A model that really gave each individual value from the beginning.  A model that allowed everyone to participate at the highest levels from the beginning.  A model where there was no 'good old boys' club.  

A model that you couple achieve success from you efforts without having to rely on a team.  A model that if you are good at team building you could go to the top without having to have a quota of customers.  

A model that everyone happily buys the product but doesn't have to stock up.

A model that has a product in the industry that not only wants to do but that they are already doing and buying.  It is actually the "carrot' used to promote their own program and product sales.

It would be interesting...


All I can say ... if you found it ... RUN WITH IT!