Find Out the Worst Closing Question To Ask

The Worst Closing Question You Can Ask

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We all ask it and it is probably the worst question we can ask. 

You’ve said everything you want to say, you’ve given the presentation and now you are finished and you sincerely ask, “So, what do you think?”

Here’s why that is so bad.  Now you have them trying to think of something that shows you that they are intelligent and prepared to come up with reasons. 

Their analytical brain cells are running all sorts of calculations through their brain and often they start focusing on the negatives because that is our nature.

Here’s a much better question.

“What did you like best about the presentation?”

This question puts everything on the positive and will give you a clue of where to go next. 

Of course there are many different ways to re-phrase the question.  You could ask, what interested you the most?” Or, “What part did you relate to the best?”

Imagine having your prospect tell what they need or want right up front.  By asking them what they like best then the brain cells are focusing on the positive and it allows any emotion to come out.  When emotion comes out then people tend to express their real desires.

You role would be to follow their lead.  If they say, “I like the residual income.”  You can now go down that path some more.  If they like the income, follow that path.  If they like the product, stay in that direction. 

Your prospect will help you sponsor them if you just ask the right questions.

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