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Three simple steps repeated over and over will bring even the newest person success. 

  1. Invite
  2. Follow up
  3. Sign up



Instead of trying to sell everyone on your business or your product, try just inviting them to see your video or website or listen to your CD.

If you invite people there is no rejection.   You are not trying to sell.  You are not trying to close.  You are asking if they are open.

Basically, you are asking people, “Will you look at something that excites me and may excite you?  It may or not be for you but maybe you could at least look!  Maybe you know someone that would like it.”

Invite in person.  Invite by personal email.  Invite online.  Just invite.

If you give a party and people tell you they cannot make it, so what.  They are the ones that are missing the party not you. 

If you try to sell them on coming to the party then they kinda resent coming.  You push too hard and they dig in and say no even if they want to come. 

I just invite people.  I invite a lot of people.  Matter of fact, I just keep inviting until I find someone that will look.


Follow up

This is just to find out if they liked what they heard/saw or not. 

Think of it as offering people a cookie.  Some people are on diets and will say no.  Some aren’t hungry.  Some aren’t desert eaters.  Some are just too busy to slow down. 

But some are hungry and they love cookies!

I don’t try to counter their objections unless they state something that is incorrect.  I’m sorting people into two groups – those that like what they saw/heard and all the rest.

They are either a yes or a no.


Sign up

This is just a simple question after they say they liked what they saw or heard, “Are you ready to get started?”

If they need more info, I let them know where to get it.  If they think they need some time, I give it to them.  If they need to ask a spouse, I’m ok.

Sometimes they have more questions and so I answer or they them where they can get the answers. 

Sometimes they are ready to start and so I get them started.

By this time, getting them started is either signing them up as a new rep or a new customer.  Either way you win!


The key

The key to all three of these simple steps is your attitude through the process.  It’s just a sorting process.  In the majority of the cases, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

If you invite enough people you will get the results that you want.

In my company I teach everyone just to invite people to watch our video on their website.  Then they call them back (follow up) and see what they liked best about the video.  If they liked it and are ready to get started now, sign them up.

My company sells assets.  Real assets.  We have a 5-year buyback guarantee and people can get our product for free.  Our prices are at or below the retail of our asset competitors and we are a one of kind company with no competition in our industry. They get tax benefits and they have money shipped to them the day they sign up.  Even they do nothing but buy our product they can put a solid retirement program in place.

A prospect has to be almost “brain dead” to pass on our program IF they are looking for something.

The key is to find those that are really looking for something.  The best way to find someone is to invite people to look at our program and those that do and like it are the ones I’m looking for.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is that people don’t trust this simple process.   And once they don’t trust the process, they stop inviting.  If they stop inviting then there is no one to follow up with.  If there is no one to follow up with, there are no sign ups.

We don’t try to over complicate the process.  It’s simple.

It’s invite, follow up and sign up. 

Over and over and over and over.




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