How To Prospect Using FaceBook

Using Facebook to Prospect...

My friend and upline, Jessica Higdon, starting using facebook for marketing right out of college and created a $10,000 a month income and became the number one female income earner in my company.

Ray, her husband, posted this the other day and I thought it was such great infomation that I wanted you to see it.

Jess was single at the time, in her early 20's, had no warm market, no past network marketing success and was working fulltime at a cosmetic counter.

She has signed up over 40 people from Facebook that she did not know and had not met prior to connecting in with them on Facebook.

See how she has done it (and now, how you can too).  Jessica's website is

BTW, there's some more Facbook training on this website - just search using the term "Facebook".