What Is Cause Marketing?

Every significant company should have a vision, a direction – a real cause that makes them stand out from other companies.

Do you know why this is important?  What is the real cause of your company?

I was confronted with this question this past weekend and that has had me really thinking – What is the real cause of my company?

There is a reason so many companies close down and go out of business in this industry.  The majority of the companies never define their vision or cause.

See, I know people get into our industry to make some money or to have some free time or get some good product or be their own boss but there has to be more - what keeps people in the business? 

What keeps people in the business when they are not making money nor have any more free time?

People stay in our business and our industry for something much bigger.

In my company, Numis Network, we are a company solving the financial sickness in this country and the rest of the world by helping ordinary people trade their declining dollars and getting paid to build up real assets

Our asset development program is a way for teachers, truck drivers, waitresses and everyday ordinary people to finally start by amassing more assets and that heals their financial sickness.

Ordinary people can now start getting assets that don’t expire and last forever. 

They can do it in small amounts – only one coin a month. 

They can even get them for free so that there is no cost out of their pocket.

They even have their money protected by a 100% 5 year buy back guarantee.

Lot’s of people have options if they were to lose their job or run out of money.  Some very talented people can rely on their education or skills or contacts to get them back on their feet. 

But there are tens of millions that need financial help. 

They can’t afford thousands of dollars to buy into real estate or a business.   They may have already lost too much. 

There are no savings for many.

For those that have some savings, they are seeing their money eroding away daily because of the declining money markets.

There are people that are not prepared for retirement.  They are facing financial disaster.

There are people that have no assets at all.  They live paycheck to paycheck.

These are the people we help – ordinary people that just want some financial dignity.

They sleep better at night knowing they have some assets.  They feel better during the day because they know every month their net worth is going up.

That’s what we do.  That is Cause Marketing.

Leave a comment and let me know what is the real cause of your company. 

Please tell me it’s more than just you making money…




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