Why Only 5% Ever Make Any Serious Money In Our Industry

We’ve all heard the stats:  Only 5% actually make in your industry.  Everyone at the top makes all the money.

Of Course.

Just like any other industry.  Only a few make in the car business.  Only a few make in the restaurant business.  Only few ever make any serious money in anything.

Oh, and only the top make any money.  Duh…Only the top people make any serious money in EVERYTHING on the planet.  That’s the way life is set up.

When was the last time anyone that just got hired that had no skills made as much money as the CEO?

Here’s the key difference and why you should be stoked.

In our business, everyone that wants to make it to the top has the exact same chance of everyone else.


Anyone that decides to go to the top - makes it!

It makes no difference what your education, your background, your parents, your color, your creed, your religion, your past or your preferences said you had to be.

No one holds you back but you.

In our industry, you decide your future and your lifestyle.  You put in the work – you get paid.

There are two skills that you have to have and neither requires any great expertise.  Both can be learned.

One is “recruiting” and the other is “people skills”.

Somewhere along the way you have to learn not only how to recruit others into your business but learn to help others recruit.

By far, people skills are the most predominate skill that is necessary in almost all sectors.  It is no different in our industry. People with the greatest people skills go farther. 

However there is one last ingredient needed:  Action.

There have been a lot of talented and skilled people enter into our business but they just never put in the action to get the job done. 

Life just got in the way of life.

Perhaps the greatest attribute is “not quitting”. 

Even if the timing is not right.  Even if it is harder than you thought.  Even if you realize that you have a more lot to learn. 

Even with it all – The only way you can lose is to QUIT.

Anyone reading this can make to the top 5% in this industry - ANYONE.

The 5%, oh, they are the ones that decided to put in the action, worked on their people skills, learned to recruit and they never quit. 

Why only 5% make it?    They NEVER QUIT. 


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