Can MLM Relationships Be Built Online

I surprise a lot of people when I answer this question.

Since I know how to build a company as an “Old School Marketer” many people incorrectly assume that I only want people to duplicate the 3-foot rule.

I think many people want me to validate their viewpoint that you can only build a network marketing business offline.

The answer lies on the Internet itself.  You just have to look at all the dating sites.  Look at all the social media sites.  Look at all the video sites.  They are everywhere.

Look around and you see millions of people tweeting, following, subscribing, reading, playing games, watching and staying in touch with people they have never met.  They are engaging with people of similar interests.

Think about how you “warmed up” to someone you have never met through emails, websites or blog posts.   It didn’t happen overnight but you slowly felt comfortable with them.

Welcome to the 21st  century.

Some people are set “in cement” in their ways.  They just do not want to change the way they used to do it.

Some are too far on the cutting or bleeding edge.  They just want to do everything behind a fake name or pretend they are someone they are not.

However, more and more of us are comfortable with meeting and engaging with individual people online.

It is easy to find and engage with people with mutual interests.

I have friends that I have never met all over the USA and other parts of the world. 

Somehow we found each other, engaged in some mutual interest and the next thing we know, we are talking by email, messaging, phone or even by video on Skype.

The more we talk then the more we build a friendly relationship.

The key is to get in the game.  Start a simple conversation online with someone you have never met.

Go to Facebook.  Connect in with a group with similar interest with you.  Watch their posts and when you see one that you like and you relate to – comment on it.  See if they come back and when they do – respond.

Whatever you do - DO NOT PITCH YOUR BUSINESS.  Just comment, respond and engage in a conversation.  See where it will go.  There will be plenty of time to answer “what do you do” later.

It has never been easier to meet people for our industry than now. 

It has never been simpler to find someone who is looking for a business than now. 

It has never been as painless to find someone who wants to hear more about your business than now.

So, can you build a relationship online?

Of course you can.

Welcome to the 21st Century.




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