Why Your People Quit So Quickly

In this age of high tech business building, many have lost track of the art of sponsoring.

Recently, I was reminded again that no matter how “High Tech” we all get, that some people just start their new people off wrong.

Real people are reaching out to people hoping someone will listen to them and help them.

Our industry is based on relationships.  Human relationships.

People join an organization or company or team because of a connection with the person that approached them.

People stay in a company because of a connection they have with a person.

Sponsoring is building relationships with people.

Recruiting is selling people.

I had heard a number of years ago that the difference between motivation and manipulation is simply - intent.

Manipulation is for your benefit and motivation is for others’ benefit.

The same can hold true for the difference between sponsoring and recruiting - intent.

Recruiting tends to be for the benefit of the recruiter.

Sponsoring tends to be for the benefit of the person getting in.

Proper relationships are started during the first few phases of the sponsoring process.

It’s easy to use sales closes, pitches and scripts to get someone in your business.  The problem is that when you close someone before they are ready to do anything, they rarely do anything long term.  They were “sold” on the business and once they realize it, they end up doing very little.

Not a good way to build a relationship with someone.

They get in and they get out. They get in and they get out.

Look at the people you are personally bringing into your business.  Are they coming in and going right back out?  If so, you have fallen into the bad habit of “recruiting” people.

It is not that much harder to listen to people and respond to their needs, wants and desires.

Sometimes it takes an extra step or two.  Or it takes some extra conversations.  Or you have to give more information.

Maybe you have call them and just say hi.  Maybe you don't take the "expert" position - you take a friend approach.  Maybe you wait.  Maybe you reach out to them before they ask for help.

Once they see that you have the solution to their problem they want YOU and your business and your help. They join not because they were sold but because they want a solution to their problem and they see that you have that solution.

One of the biggest challenges I have overcome is to make sure I am sponsoring people and not just recruiting them.  I have the skills to close almost anyone into my business. 

Getting people to sign up is not a problem.

But I choose not to “close” someone.

I want them to make a quality decision that my team and I are the best solution for them.  To do that, often I have to back off of a closing technique and just listen to what my prospect is saying.

The next time you talk to a prospect – listen.  Ask questions and just listen.  When you listen you’ll hear how you can sponsor them.  They will tell you why they need you.

As a leader, you have to discern whether they really are ready to join or not.  You decide if it is really the right fit for them.

By listening, you’ll move quickly from the recruiting phase to the sponsoring phase.



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