How You Know You Have A Leader

I get this question from time to time and usually someone who just sponsored a new rep asks it. 

I would say that is a little premature!

Fortunately a leader leaves certain clues. 

One caution:  never use potential for whether you have a leader.  It’s not potential. 

Almost everyone already possesses the talent to build a huge networking business but only a few actually step up and take on the responsibilities. 

Potential without commitment equals nothing.

There are so many people that come into the industry that have potential but they never really engage.  For some reason, something gets in the way. 

Job responsibilities, home life, personal issues and distractions just happen to get in the way.  Sometimes life will just get in the way.  Timing is a critical component of someone really engaging.  Lot’s of potential but they never make it into the game.

Every leader is looking for leaders.   Leaders are attracted to other leaders. 

Here’s are 5 clues:

1.  They do what needs to be done.

They are the ones that understand it is their business and they are responsible for it.  They understand it is not the upline that will build their business.  They don’t wait for their sponsor, their upline or anyone.  

They just go out and build their business.

They book their own calendar with appointments.  They call their list. They purchase the tools that are needed during the sponsoring process.  They do not run out of people to talk to.  You never hear a leader say. “I’ve gone through everyone I know.”

2.  They take leadership from you.

This is not a negative.  They still edify and support your leadership but they take on the things you would do before you even can do it.  They call around their team and promote the meetings.  They do the 3 way calls.  The do the home meetings.  They book the one on ones with their group.  Before you can even do something, they have already done it!

They make themselves available to help their team members.  Soon you discover that their own team is calling them for support.  Their team is looking to them for support and help.


3.  They do not wait for you. 

They want to reach your position or even pass you.  More importantly, they are in the action AND results mode.  They do not wait for you before they put in the action.  They do not need you to get results.  They are not waiting around for you at all. 

When it’s time for a major event or meeting, they purchased their tickets and make arrangements before you call to remind them.  They go after the new incentive before you have a chance to call and explain it to them.  They talk to their team members before you have the opportunity to call them. 


4.  They keep you in the loop

Even though a leader seems self sufficient in skills, action and results, they check in with you.  They call you.  They reach out for advice.  They look for guidance and direction.  They are not lone wolves.  They understand the importance of having others around them.

Leaders like to use the talents of others to help them build their business.  They edify you.  They bring you in the team when needed.  They know they need their team to know they are apart of a team. 

5.  They are positive

Leaders are constantly upbeat.  They are the rock for their team.  You do not hear about their daily problems.  They don’t announce al the negatives that are going on around them. 

They don’t talk about how much negative happened that day, week or month.  They just keep “failing forward”.  Leaders understand that everyone has bad things happen to them but they do what they have to do anyway.


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