Why Some Never Get Duplication Working

One of the main principles in any home business is to get duplication working for you. 

Actually, it is critical to get it working or you’ll never be able to have the time freedom that you want to have.

It is one thing for you to go out and register 100 people.  But wouldn’t it be better to have 100 people each register 1?

Here’s why some people never get duplication working:

1.  They do everything for everyone

Usually it is easier just to do it yourself. 

This is especially true when you have people who don’t really have the skill sets in place to sponsor or market their business. 

The natural inclination is to just do it for them.  This is a huge mistake because they never learn. 

If you keep doing everything for others then they never learn how to do it themselves.  That means you have to always be around to do it for them or to help their people since they never learned how to help even their own personals.

Help them to help themselves – teach them to fish.


2.  They do not follow the current system

There is usually a pattern already in place in most companies to build the business. 

Just following the pattern works. 

Often people want to do it “their way”.  They never follow the system teaching and start doing it the way they want to do it. 

It may seem to work for a while but it slowly breaks down because soon everyone does it their own way!  No one is following a pattern or a system and there is NO duplication.

It is better to follow an imperfect system exactly than to have everyone confused about what they should be doing.


3.  They are constantly creating not duplicating

This is very similar to not following the system but even more disastrous. 

These people are creating a whole new way of building the business.  Usually these are people that simply do not want to pay the price of building a solid business. 

They are looking for shortcuts.

They constantly create a different way of sponsoring or “lazy” way to riches.  They like to tell their team that they are working on a better way to sponsor or a faster way to create volume.

Most major companies have a tried and true pattern that just flat out works.  To ignore the top producers and head out own your own may be exciting but it most likely will burn you and your team out. 

Bottom line:  It just doesn’t work – follow the proven path.


4.  They forget to keep it simple


Duplication has to be broken down to a level that anyone can do what you do. 

The main questions I am always asking are, “Is this simple enough that anyone can duplicate?  Is it something only I can do or is it something anyone can do?”

It has to be simple.  It has to be broken down to such a level that anyone can duplicate right from the beginning. 

If you have complicated training or sophisticated systems or difficult scripts then it just confuses the masses.  Everything has to 1-2-3.

Keep it simple and build it big.



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