#1 Way To Prospect Strangers

For some reason all of us get intimidated when first talking to strangers about our home based business.  Many of us just freeze up and never say anything.

How many times have you seen a sharp person or couple and you are just drawn to them?  You just know you want to talk to them but for some reason you just can’t find the courage to say anything?  The right words just never seem to come to you.

Moments later it’s too late.  They are gone.

When eye contact is made and I get that “feeling” inside that I should talk to this person…that’s when I go into action.

But remember, I have mentally prepared myself for this encounter.  I have done it so many times that mentally I am ready to match my actions to my intuition.

How I prepared myself.

I got one approach I liked and I made sure I felt comfortable with it.  I knew it really didn’t matter exactly what I said but if I was comfortable then it would come off easily.

Then I practiced it over and over.   I made sure that it flowed comfortably when I spoke it out loud.  I made it simple and made sure that the words were words and phrases that I would normally use.

After I stumbled thru a number of real prospects that really didn’t go that well, it got easier and I quickly got better.

Here’s what I learned:

Never lead with your company!

I normally just say,  “Hi!  I’m sorry but do we know each other?” 

I would NEVER say, "My wife and I just started a new business and you would be perfect for it!"

Usually, I start with a complement or something mutual. 

“It must have been your friendly smile, your confidence…"

I just talk normal neutral stuff.  Something that is mutual to us at that moment and that is not about business,

"like the show?, nice boat, love your car wheels, is that a good book?” 

During this entire brief scenario I’m looking for a good friendly attitude.  If it starts off shaky then I just stop the conversation.  I’m not looking to try and sponsor someone negative or mean.  I look for positive people.

Also, I don’t drill them with question after question but if I decide I do want to keep the conversation moving, I have to give some info and lead into another casual question.  “I haven’t been down in this area for a while… do you live around here?”

My favorite Home Business lead in

After a few casual remarks and questions, here’s what I say to position my business properly, “I’m expanding my business in this area and I was wondering if you know anyone who is sharp and ambitious that is looking to make some extra money on the side?” A few either say “depends” or “what is it?”  Surprisingly most say, “Sure, I am”. 

I just simply respond, “Now is really not the time to really discuss it but if you’ll give me your email I can send you over to a short video and you can see if it makes sense for you.”  BTW, once I get the email, I casually ask for their phone number too!  90% will give me all their info right on the spot! 

This approach is non-threatening to everyone and it doesn’t put them on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable.

Keep it short

The less you say the better you will be.  Your goal is not to explain your business nor talk them into anything.  It is to get their info so you can send them to your website to watch your video. 

Most say way too much and really mess it all up with a long-winded “salesy” pitch.  A lot of people want to "sell" the business on the spot.

Meet someone, chat a few moments, ask your question and be on your way.


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