Brain Dead Way To Get People To Events

It is easy sending out emails.  It’s easy letting the corporation announce the event.  It is easy to wait and see who shows up.  It’s easy to post on Facebook.

One of the easiest ways I know to get people on your team to attend events is a personal invitation from me. 

It is actually the easiest of all.

It’s fun, simple and has a lot of advantages.  You already know these people.  They trust you.  They joined with you.  They want you to lead and teach them.

By calling each of your personals and really talking to them about attending the event it allows you to reconnect with each of your personals.  That’s the fun part.

They can see and hear your commitment to the business and they want to be associated with someone who is going to build the business. 

If you are calling or sitting down with them and you really encourage them to attend, you are showing that you are willing to spend time with them and that is important to them.

You are teaching them how to succeed.

To do this right, here are two key points to remember.

First of all before you can promote an event to anyone, you have to already have your ticket!  Elementary thinking I know but I see newbies make this mistake all the time.  They want to see how many of their team goes before they decide to go.

That won’t work!  It never has.

You have to be committed to attend and go even if you go by yourself.

Even the fact that you are delaying getting your ticket gives them a reason NOT to go.  You put no priority on it so why should they?

Secondly, focus on their reasons to attend and not yours.   Focus on their dreams and goals and how that relates to why they should attend.

I mention the exact reason they should attend based on what challenges they are facing in the business at the moment.

If they need help sponsoring, then the event will help them with the sponsoring. 

If they can’t get anyone on their team to duplicate, then the event will show them how to get duplication in their team.

Most people just don’t make it a high enough priority.  They try to say they are too busy, it is too expensive, it is too far away or they went to one before.  Perhaps they have something else on the calendar.

These are not reasons to attend.  These are reasons NOT TO attend. 

By showing my commitment to my dreams and goals AND by focusing on their reasons to attend, I can focus on helping them rearrange their priorities. 

I want to focus on why they got in the business in the first place.  Why they wanted a successful business.

Is there anything more important than their dreams and goals?



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