Is Your Website Even Working?

Part 5 of 5- Is Your Website Even Working?


Let’s get it all together and look at the results you might expect from using your website properly. 

In the last few posts we talked about a lot of factors that go into making your website the best it can be for helping you enroll new people for your business.

In most cases your Website is working but your expectations may be off.

No website captures 100% of the people that come to it. 

By far the best mental position or mindset you can have is to understand the numbers.

Everything is numbers.  Send a certain number of people to your site – a certain number will go inside - a certain number will like what they see - a certain number will have the right timing in their life - and a certain number join. 

It’s your batting average, so to speak.  Everyone is a little different but everyone has one.   If you have a low average you just send more people.  Simple.

You can increase your averages by following a pattern that works best and you can increase it by working with the most likely people to respond favorably. 

The highest number of people that will follow your direction and go inside are the people who know you best. 

Yu may not believe it BUT you have the most creditability with friends, family and acquaintances.  Even strangers that have met you personally will give you a better result than any form of Internet or general advertising.

Here’s one tip that will increase your login rate and sign-ups with all groups:  Personally calling them.

By far a personal meeting or call is the best thing you can do to increase your login rates, interest and enrollment. 

Only approaching potential prospect by sending out emails, only talking through email or using Internet funnels can be done but the numbers have to dramatically increase.  The more impersonal the method, the more numbers that you will need.

If you are using just emails to talk to your friends, family and acquaintances, you are not going to be very successful.  It will be a lot of work for little or no results. 

Remember, a lot of Internet marketers get hundreds or even thousands of impressions to their websites before one person logs in.  They understand the numbers and just keep driving people to their websites.

I call every person before I send them to my website to see a video. 

If I get a lead in from any type of advertising, I call every lead before they continue with the process. 

I do this not because I enjoy calling people but I want to increase the odds in my favor.

If I call 4 or 5 people every day and send them to my website, I know 1 or 2 will actually go inside.

However, if I am doing Internet or general advertising, I may have to send a 100 or more people to my website to get any type of lead. 

Also, if I do get several people going inside my website but don't call them, I know they can easily get distracted and be off to something else very quickly.

Calling them increases my odds - dramatically.

It’s just numbers. 

Impressions turn into leads, leads turn into good prospects and good prospects turn into new reps.

Here's the best pattern you can follow:

Call your friend, invite them to watch the video on your website and then, call them back.

Get this pattern duplicating in your business and watch your business explode!


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