What You Need In A Recruiting Website

Part 2 of 5 - What You Need In A Recruiting Website

Even though you may not know how to create a website or even modify the one you have, here’s how a complete newbie can get the most out of a recruiting website.

First of all, here’s what you need in a recruiting website.

  1. You want to capture the name, email and phone number of everyone that comes into your site.  Even your friends and family.  You want this because it puts you in a power position when you know your prospect has looked at your materials.  If you do not have a capture page, you never know where they really stand.  You are in the dark on the first follow up call.
  2. You want your recruiting website to give your prospect solid information about your product, company and opportunity.   Professional presentations, videos, diagrams and images make your concept clearer to your prospect.  It gives you an advantage in that it presents the material correctly every time.   You can’t get tongue tied or mess up the presentation.
  3. Your recruiting website should provide follow-up information to your prospect about your company product and opportunity.  You do not have enough time in a day to follow up with everyone effectively.  A good follow up program is essential to providing a larger picture and to keep in touch with your prospects even when you are not around. 
  4. At the same time, it should email you information on which prospects are returning to your website to get more information and where they are going inside your website.  A recruiting website will give you what videos they are watching, what pages they are looking at and even log the time they open one of your emails!
  5. Your site has to be easy and simple to set up - by anyone!  If your site takes some expertise or your reps have to spend hours to get it to work, you are at a great disadvanage.  A complete newbie should be up and running in minutes.  Most people coming into Internet marketing are a little fearful of the process.  If they have to spend hours looking at videos and listening to webinars just to get heir site up and running - you are in trouble because most will not do it.
  6. Your recruiting website should have the abliity to be unique.  As a person grows in expertise, the site should allow them to personalize more and more of it to themselves.  After they are up and running and after they have sent a few people to the webiste, they may feel more comfortable in having their own look or feel to their website.  Your site should grow with them. 
  7. Somewhere in this mix should be a turnkey operation.  Everything should be included.  If your new rep has to pay extra for this or pay for that, it gets very discouraging.  Nickel and diming people only makes them feel that maybe they should not have started the process in the first place.  As an example, our sites include flyers, toll free numbers, conference calls and webinar hosting - all for FREE. 


All these features make your life easier by sorting people for you.   Also, these features give enough information to your prospect to see if they are willing to go another step. 

One of the hardest things for any newbie to recognize is that all tools for our industry, including a recruiting website, are only to sort through your prospects to find the people that are truly interested.  If you talking to people all day long that are just not interested then you are just wasting a lot of time and it can be very frustrating.

You should NOT expect any tool to do the work for you.  You still have to mail the letter.  You still have to wear the button.  You still have to post the ad.  You still have to expose your business.  A tool only makes it easier to sort.

If you use a tool properly it will save you a lot of time and effort.   Recruiting websites allow you to sort out the ones you should be sitting down with.  Or, they tell you the best prospects so that you only call back the best. 

Bottom line - you will have to send people to your website.  In Part 3, I’ll cover the most effective way to use your recruiting website to get maximum results.


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