Why No One Is Going Inside Your Prospecting Website

Part 4 of 5 – Why No One Is Going Inside Your Prospecting Website

I get this question a lot, “I get people to go TO my prospecting website but why is no one going INTO my website?  Why won’t they log in?” 

Aside from the obvious reason that you have not invited anyone to come to your website, lol, there may several reasons why someone is not going into your site.

Simply, they are not following your instructions. 

This is an invitation.  You are asking them to go to it but you cannot make them go into it.   If they do not go in, it does tell you something. 

More likely they just haven’t made the time to do it.   They could still be interested in going but they just haven’t remembered to make it a priority.

On your follow up call you may want to entice them a little more to act quickly. 

I like to drop this into the conversation when I call back:  “John, I noticed you didn’t go into the website last night and I’m sorry I didn’t emphasize it enough to you how important it was to go inside.  I have a bunch of people that did go in and I have to call them back right now so if you are serious about making some extra money, you should go into right away.” 

Another reason they may not be going into your site is that they are just being nice to you but they really don’t want to go in!   Now you have to give them a reason that is relevant to them. 

“John, do you have 5 minutes right now? (Wait for them to say yes)  Good. I want you to hear this short audio.  (Then set up a 3 way by calling your Sizzle call number.  My company’s call is 507 726-3780.)  Once it is over, just ask, “John, what did you like best about that audio?” (Wait for an answer)  “Well, this is exactly why I want you to go into the website as soon as possible.”

You may just have to say, “It’s ok to tell me it’s not for you right now.  I just wanted you to know about it because you said_________________(you liked how much money that one guy is making…you wanted some extra money…you wanted to stay at home…you wanted to get out of debt, etc).  Here’s what you need to do next:  go into the website and watch the video.  Let’s talk after you go in, ok?  Tell you what, if anyone else approaches you about it, promise me that you will call me back before doing anything – ok?”

Here’s the best part of using your prospecting website as a tool.  If you were to really get onto it every day and really start personally sending people to your website every day and you do get 2-3 people watching your video every day – you will enroll people every week!


In Part 5, I’ll give you what kind of results that you should really expect to have.


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