The Most Effective Way To Use Your Recruiting Website

Part 3 of 5 – The Most Effective Way To Use Your Prospecting Website

Some just want to have everything on autopilot.  Sounds great but... that just doesn't work in our industry.  Want to get the most out of your webiste?

Here’s THE most effective way to use your website:

Personally call your prospect and invite them to go to your website to watch the presentation.  Or when you are with them personally invite them to go to the site. 

Then you want to observe their actions.

Did they go or not?  Did they go but didn’t go inside?  Did they go inside but left immediately?  Did they go and look around for a while? 

I spend my time with the ones that go in and look around.

Doing anything other than this proven method DRAMATICALLY increases your workload and frustration.  You will end up working harder and going through far more people than you really need to do.  

Again, one of the mistakes people make when inviting people to go in their website is that they start selling the info on the site and not just inviting people to go to it.

Here’s what I would say to someone I know:

“John, I’m starting to expand my Internet business now- do you know anyone that is bright and ambitious and open to making some good money on a side project? (Wait for an answer – they normally will say, “I am or what do you have”)   I want you go over to my personal website look at a quick video and check it out.  It may or may not be for you so if you like it great and if not, I totally understand.  Here’s the website: .  BTW, I’ll get an email when you go inside so make sure you actually go inside, ok?  I’ll call you back tomorrow at 2 to get your questions.”

If they are at home, I will add:  “Are you by your computer right now?  Good, type this in . (Wait until the capture page comes up.)  Put your information in.  (Again, wait until the video page comes up.) Go ahead, watch the video and I’ll call back in about 15 minutes and we can talk about it. “

As soon as I get off the phone or if I met them personally, I will send them a brief email with the website address:

Hi John!

I enjoyed our brief talk.  Here’s that website: ______________

I’ll call__________




In Part 4, I will be going over, “Why No One Is Going Inside Your Prospecting Website.”



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