When “When” Gets You

I’ll really build the business “when”…

When I get more money.

When I get more time.

When I get away from this job.

When I get more Internet skills.

When I can find some quality prospects.

When I get more…  yak, yak yak… I’ll get in or build the business or qualify the incentive or go to a new level.

I hear everyday.  I hear it from prospects, new reps and even some emerging leaders. 

“When I get ______ then I’ll REALLY build the business.”

When I hear this, I start asking simple questions, “When do you want to have more…?  I mean how much longer do you want to go on through life not having enough…?”  Then I wait for answers. 

Inevitability, the discussion comes down to them realizing that they must start changing the way they do things.  I cannot make them change but I can point out what will happen if they do not change.

Here are some of the points I may bring up:

Unfortunately if you are using this in your vocabulary, it will never happen for you.  Never.  You’ll never build anything.

“When” gets you because “when” never comes. 

Big leaders know this.  The time is never right.  The conditions are never perfect.  The money, skills or resources are never enough.

You do what you can do with what you have.

The nice thing about our industry is that even minimal effort and resources is enough if you focus on the most important tasks everyday.

The key is not “when,” the key is NOW!  Do what you can with what you have and start doing it today.

You may not realize it but putting off doing what you need to do only keeps you from succeeding. 

Regardless of what company you are building, only a handful of your leaders know they must stay focused on the most productive tasks everyday and every week. 

Only a few recognize that no matter what happens that day or week, they must do the minimum activity if they ever want to achieve their goals and dreams.

No one can wait until conditions change. 

As Jim Rohn used to say, “If things are going to change – YOU must change!”

Eliminate “When” from your vocabulary and watch your business explode!



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