Are You Using Sizzle Calls Correctly

What’s a sizzle Call?

Recruiting or “Sizzle” Calls – are recorded or live information calls designed to peak the interest of your prospects.  They are normally 2 -5 minutes and are high-energy commercials for your company.

Not only are sizzle calls are great exposure tools for your prospects, they allow you to validate your company with a professional presentation.

The nice thing is that you just invite people to listen to a sizzle call or just 3-way your prospects into the sizzle call…then simply ask “What did you like best about what you heard?”

Do they work?

Yes, if used correctly, they are professionally done and they have testimonals. 

The idea is that you expose the prospect to one more type of presentation.  Although this is designed to be a short exposure, it is powerful.

The more exposures you can have for a prospect the better chance you have of recruiting him/her.

When you incorporate a sizzle call, which is an old school method, it does work very well to get people to take another step forward.  It gives them a little more insight into you and your company.

Some companies use them up front and others teach to make them part of the sales funnel. 

They don’t “sell” for you but just give more info to your prospect.  They are not the only tool that you should be using but they should be used as a part of your strategy to move prospects along.

Some people like to use a sizzle call right up front to qualify a prospect or to even find leads.  I'm sure all of us have had that random call out of the blue that had a "quick" commercial on it.

Stories sell.

Testimonials Tell.

People typically purchase for emotional reasons. They’ll purchase from you when you touch their emotions... when you get them emotionally involved. And nothing does that better than testimonials.

Sizzle calls do just that.  They are easy to set up, short, simple, high energy and appeal directly to the emotion.

Testimonials will touch your prospect’s emotions. And when that happens, you relate more to your prospects.

The sizzle call’s success lies in the “quick stories” that they tell.  Short one line statements of the features or benefits of your company.

I would program your company’s sizzle call number into your cell phone.  It’s great way to have your prospect listen when you are with them physically or on the phone with them.

It’s one thing for you to tell your prospects how things might work for them; it’s another thing for your prospects to hear from others.  This is particularly true if there are number of various ages, both genders and different backgrounds on the sizzle call.

Testimonials are simply real people sharing real stories about your particular business.

Want to hear a little taste of what a real professional Sizzle call is like? 

My company has a really sweet one so you can get a sample of how it should be done!  To hear the audio, dial (507) 726-3780. 



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