Leaders Make Time For This One Call…

No, this is not about you calling in to find out about some “special” off the wall program or webinar that you need to be on.  It’s not about you listening in on some guru telling you the “secret” formula for success.

This is a call you have start.  You have to initiate.  You are the one dialing.

This is the one call you have to make if you want to be successful in this industry.

It’s simple really.

Most people in the industry never make the most important call of their business.

Everyday I see people failing in the business because they never make this call. 

It’s sad really because this call could reverse their entire financial picture in a matter of months. 

If you want to reverse the trend line of the unsuccessful and start succeeding on a weekly basis, here’s the best call you can make.

Make 1 call everyday to someone you have NEVER talked to about you business and invite them to watch your presentation or video.

1 call – everyday.

Take 5 minutes out of your entire day and call someone new!  That ‘s 5 minutes out of 1440 minutes for the entire day. 

So many things go into motion when this happens that I cannot even address them all on this one post. 

But I will say that you want to move from the 95% that are unsuccessful to the top 5% successful leaders in the industry then this one call is critical.

Most people will never do this and yet most people will never have a successful business.  It’s not because they are not talented, deserving, qualified nor believe. 

It’s because they are not telling new people about their business. 

Our industry is about exposing our product, our company and our opportunity to new people.  If you are telling new people about your business, you grow.  If you are not telling new people, you don’t grow.

It’s not about sales skills, presentation skills and being persuasive.  It’s about exposure.  It all comes down to numbers.  The more you expose the more you grow.

Simple really - Make 1 new call everyday and watch your business explode…

OR, get really radical and call TWO!


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