1 Closing Phrase That Will Astonish You

Just this weekend while doing a 3 way call, I heard a “closing phrase” that I had not heard for a while.  It was interesting to hear again because I know many top leaders do it with out even thinking about it. 

Especially when we are discussing the advantages of our business.

It is so simplistic but it works so effectively that it will almost astonish you.

The prospect brought it up and it and all I could do was to agree with her since she had already used it on herself. 

It’s called The Ben Franklin Close.

Here’s how it works:

You’ve just finished making your presentation or you are back for a follow-up with a couple, but they are on the fence and can’t decide to go forward. You’ve tried lots of things, but can’t still get them to say yes.

Try this:

 “You know, Benjamin Franklin was one of the wisest and most respected men in history. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. & Mrs. Prospect?” (It’s important to get the prospects to agree with you.)

”Whenever he was faced with a tough decision - much like you are today, he would take a plain piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and put a plus sign on one half, and a minus sign on the other.

He discovered that by listing all the positive elements on the plus side of the paper, and the negative things on the minus side, the answer would become obvious. That makes a lot of sense, wouldn’t you agree?” (Again, it’s important to get the prospects to agree. )

”With your permission, I’m going to borrow Ben Franklin’s method for just a moment. Since you seem to be having a tough time making a decision, lets list the benefits - some of the reasons you should do this. Then we’ll list the negatives. Fair enough?” (Once again, get the prospects to agree. )

Now simply list all of the positive qualities of your product or business.

Better yet let the prospect help build the list most of them. Whatever the prospect writes down will obviously be the main points of interest to him or her. Make sure you get your main points on the list.  This is the part that you will help them on.

After you’ve listed all of the positive points, let the prospect list the negatives.” Don’t say a word while the prospect is listing the negatives.  Let them do this by themselves.

The list of negatives will always be shorter than the list of positives.



Because usually the only negatives prospects can think of have to do with price or time.

At the end you will have a dozen or more pluses and only 1 or 2 negatives!

Then all you have to do is say, “Looks like you answered your own question.  Let’s get you started.”

It is definitely worth trying!

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say I had a product objection. 

In my company, Numis Network, we sell museum quality Gold and Silver Numismatic coins. 

Just by concentrating on the product with out adding in all the business aspects of our unique company, the Plus side looks really strong. 

Here’s how I would list it out:


Pros                        +                                       Cons            -


  • ·      Gold & Silver Will Always Have value


  • ·      Real Money and Real Currency


  • ·      Coins Are Created And Provided By The World’s Leading Government Mints


  • ·      Highest Rating Of Coins In The World


  • ·      Coins Graded, Certified and Authenticated By Independent Top Tier 3rd Party Firms


  • ·      Easy To Resell Locally Or On Internet


  • ·      $100 Billion Demand


  • ·      5 year Buy Back Guarantee
  • ·      Representative Prices Are At Or Below Industry Retail Prices


  • ·      Hard Assets


  • ·      Even If Just Buying Product Your Net Worth Goes Up


  • ·      No Expiration Dates


  • ·      Will Not Find In WalMart at 1/10th The Price In Two Years


  • ·      Everyone Wants More


  • ·      No Competition In The Industry


  • ·      Get 3 Customers Get Yours For Free Program





And it is even more impressive when they write it out on a sheet of paper!

Go ahead – try it out…



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