1 Key Question That Sponsors More People

As professional network marketers, we know that it’s all about asking questions. 

Lots of questions give you lots of insights into your prospects.

In addition you want to find out where they are mentally with your presentation. 

One question we are always wondering is:  What is their interest level?

Here’re several key questions that will help you sponsor a lot more people but only one that you must ask EVERYTIME. 

Obliviously, I ask questions like, “Where do you see yourself in a few years?”  Are you where you wanted to be in life.”  Questions like that ar just to give me an idea of who they are and where they are going. 

However, once these are mentioned and early on in the presentation to keep your prospect involved in the conversation, I like to ask:

Does this make sense so far?

This gives me an idea of how attentive they are and if they are following me.  A lot of times, it makes perfect sense to me but not to my prospect.  I may even ask this a couple of times especially if they are quiet. 

When I talk about the money or how much free time that the business can provide, I follow-up with another questions like:

What would you do with that type of income (or time)?

It brings in their dream or their desires.    I can explore this or just remember for later on when I go to higher numbers.  I can bring it back up to them.  Not only does it show I am listening to them but personalizes the presentation to them. 

I love leaving them with a final statement that includes their answer to that question.  I would say something like, “lets get you home so you can be with your children and your wife!”

Just so I don’t get to far ahead of myself, I’ll ask a real simple question like,

Do you have any questions so far?

This is perfect for feedback and it gets me off the “robot” presentation mode.  It allows me to explain or re-explain something that is important to them.  It may take me a little off course for a moment but it’s well worth the time.

Towards the end I start asking trail closing questions like:

Does this seem like a solution for you?

Now you really start getting some honest feedback. It allows you to glimpse into possible objections and gives you a chance to address them before you leave.  It’s a temperature gauge for me.  If they open up, they will let me know where they stand.

And, it always leads me into another question like:

What haven’t I covered so far that is important to you?

Again, it gets them talking and gives me information that I can use as I close or later on.  If I am going to cover one the things they want information on later on in the presentation, I’ll easily give a short answer and end with, “and I’ll cover that in detail in just a moment.”

This Is The ONE Question That Sponsors More People And The ONE Question I ALWAYS ask

Are you ready to get started?

I love asking this question.  Now I may have already “planted some seeds” earlier in the presentation by saying something like. “Wow, great comment.  It sounds to me like you are ready to get started!”

BTW, regardless of their perceived interest during my presentation I still ask the question.  No matter what I ask them if they are ready to join now.

I am surprised by how often so many people say yes!  It’s amazing.  Even those that didn’t seem impressed or even interested on the surface still say yes to the question.

Often I will even ask it several times at the end but with a little different wording: “Do you have a few minutes to get you registered right now?”  “Are you ok to get signed up right now?”  “Are you sitting at your computer so we can fill out the application now?”

I know it sounds bold but it really doesn’t come off that way.  I just weave it into the conversation and it’s magical how well it works!

I believe the reason more people don’t sponsor more people is that they never ask them to get in. 

It’s the one question you always have to ask no matter what!




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