Exactly What “I” Do & Say To Sponsor Someone

It is really very simple but I am getting a lot of questions about my last article post  - “5 Easy Steps To Sponsoring Quality People.”

The biggest question is “what do I actually do and say to people.”  Before the answer, let me go over my mindset on sponsoring.

It is just a process.  I just follow my pattern.

I am not moved by the outcome of any part of the pattern.

I am not surprised, hurt, offended or feel any bitterness towards others as I go through the process.

I understand it is just business and people are just people with lots of things for them to juggle.

I do not harbor any animosity toward people that do not respond the way I want them to respond.

I do not rest my hopes, wishes, dreams and goals on any one person.

I am not “married” to the outcome of my lead, contact, prospect or representative.

I do not suck my thumb and stop calling just because I have a bad day, week or month.

I understand a simple pattern: 


Now that my mindset is exposed, here’s my pattern:

Make my List

Contact my list

Show my presentation

Follow up

Call my upline

Rotate the pattern



Let’s go into each one.


Make My List

I put everyone on my list:  friends, family, neighbors, church members, acquaintances, my mobile phone directory, etc. 

No one is eliminated in my mind.  I let them eliminate themselves. I never assume anyone would not be interested.

It may be a little selfish but I want my friends, family and people I really know to know what I am doing because I don’t want them to get in with some stranger because they didn’t know I was already involved!

Then, I add to my list.  Everyone I meet.  Everyone I talk to.  Everyone that even comes close to me I mention my company or what I am doing or what I’m excited about.

It makes no difference to me where I get people to get on my list.  Whether it be warm market or cold, internet or purchased, advertized or free they go on my list.


Contact my list

Daily I contact people from my list.  I select or pick out someone to contact.  I reach out to them no matter where or how they where put on my list. 

Let’s say I pick John Smith to contact today.

I personally call and here’s what I say if I have to leave a message:

Hi John, this is Dave Lovett, please give me a call at 916 484-3711.  Again, this is Dave at 916 484-3711.

That is all I say. 

I don’t give the purpose of my call.  I don’t mention my business and I don’t try to give a “promo” message. 

I may add, “We haven’t talked in a while, “I met you at… “or “You asked me to call…” or “You responded to my…”.  It just depends on how they come on my list.

If they answer or they call back and I get to talk to them, I say:

“Hi John, this is Dave Lovett, I am calling to see if you are open at all to looking at anything other than what you are doing?”  If they are, I say, “John, I have a website that has a quick video on it that you may find interesting.  Here’s the website address _______.  John, it may or not be for you.  If you like it, let’s talk, if not, I totally understand.   John, when would you be able to look at it?  Great I’ll call you back after that.  By the way, I’ll send you a quick email with the link just in case you wrote it down wrong.”

Again, I may add, “We haven’t talked in a while, “I met you at… “or “You asked me to call…” or “You responded to my…”.

If it is someone I know fairly well, I usually take the preassure off of the entire conversation by saying somethiing like, " John, I just want you to know what I am doing now.  If it is not for you I totally understand.  I  just wanted to mention in to just in case you are looking for something.  Regardless, will you just promise me that if anyone mentions Numis Network to you in the future that you'll at least call me back before doing anything?"

Now back to those I may not l know very well...  I may even say something like, “John, if I could show how to make some serious money on the Internet would you be willing to watch a 10 minute video?”

If they ask questions, I just respond simply, “do you like gold and silver?” or “are you open to increasing your income?” or “that’s a great question and the video will do a better job of explaining than I will.”

As soon as I get off the phone, I send a simple email that goes like this:

Hi John!

I enjoyed our brief conversation.  Here is that website again:




916 484-3711




Show My Presentation

My team and I have a great website for tracking our prospects when they come into our website.  Not only do I get an email when they come in the capture page, I get a message every time they return and every time they open one of my emails and when they watch the video!

This is all in addition to them being automatically placed on my mailing list for automatic emails about my company.

Since I know who and when my prospect went into the website it is very easy to follow-up!  I already have a general idea of their interest.

If for some reason in the 21st century they do not have access to watch my video online, I go on to the next person on my list.  I use my website and the presentation video as a pre-qualifier.  If they go inside the website and watch the video – we can talk. 

If not, I can only encourage them to go into the site and watch the video.


Follow up

This is one of the easiest steps that I do.  Either they like it or they don’t.  It’s not my determination.  I cannot make them like it!

Now, if they never go to the site nor go inside after a few days, I’ll call back:

I’ll leave a message or I’ll speak with them and just say, “I hope everything is well,  I noticed you haven’t seen the video yet.  Here’s that website again_______.”

Then send over a second email. 

Hi John!

Here’s the address again:




916 484-3711


Normally I will ask them no more that 3 times to “check it out”. 

After that I have to move on.  Their lack of response is a response.  It’s time for me to move on.


Once they do go into the website and they have seen the video, I call them and say things like:

I noticed you made it in.  It was a great video, right? 

What did you like best about it?  What kind of questions do you have? 

Sounds to me like you are ready to get started!

Here’s what you need to do next…

I’d like you to meet one of my successful team members…

No matter how many times I talk with someone, I always work into the conversation, “it sounds like you are ready to get started”.

Of course not everyone gets started right away and some may even take months.  After the first few weeks of this initial process I normally recognize the person may take a while to actually get started.  It seems the first 30 days is a good guideline for me to determine if my prospect is a go or no go right now. 

If I am making future follow-up calls with someone, I normally only call back when I have something really new to tell them – a sign up special going on, a new incentive trip my company announced or some big news about the company.


Call My Upline

During the first few days into this process is a good time to get your upline into the picture especially if you have a person that is positive and has expressed some interest.  

It will make your business grow a lot faster by bringing someone else into the mix.  It will give you creditability.

I like 3 way calls.  They are simple, quick and really validate your business. 

1 on 1’s, home meetings or public meetings are great venues to introduce your prospect to the team and to give them additional information.  Every meeting has it’s place and I use them all. 

Also, I ask my upline their advice on how to handle the follow up with this person and what they would do. 


Rotate the Pattern

Now I just start the entire process over with another person. 

By introducing new people into the pattern, I am filling up my funnel just waiting for someone to go through the entire process and sign up.

Everyone is in a different part of the pattern and everyone is just moving at his/her speed.  I try to “lead people in the direction they are willing to go.”

I recognize that I cannot wait around for that one person to say yes.  I really have no idea who is going to say yes and who is going to say no.  I just get enough people into my funnel that eventually I have people that want to sign up.

It’s just business and it’s just numbers.

I just rotate the pattern:

Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…



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