How To Tell When It Is Time To Quit

Is it time to move on?

Are you ready to give up and look for another opportunity?

Before you go running to look for something better you may want to ask 2 questions that will help you determine if the problem is YOU or your opportunity.

Did you “buy in” to the entire business?

Are you sold on the entire business you are in?  Does it fit with your value system?  Would your want your mom or grandmother in the business?  Do you believe in the products and the benefit of buying them?

It is really hard to build any thing that you really don’t believe.   If you would not tell your friends or relatives about your company or its products, that will be a major indicator that you are not “sold” on your business.  You may not like the “recruiting” aspect of the business but there should be no doubt that your business is good for everyone. 

If you really think you believe in your business then one item to seriously consider is how many of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and associates even know your are in the business.  If you are hesitant about telling those closest to you about this great business opportunity and products that you possess then why would you expect strangers to come on board?

How about the leadership?  Do you trust your upline and the company leaders?

One of the key traits in leadership is provide an impeccable mentorship. 

Sure, everyone makes mistakes and errors in judgment but good leaders admit and correct the mistakes.  Bad leadership continues to be self-serving and eventually leads everyone in the wrong direction.

Are the changes good for the business or good for a few?  Are the leaders committed to the growth of the business to help others or only themselves?  Are they committed to the industry or is the comp plan just a good temporary marketing strategy?

If you cannot honestly answer this question as a “yes”, it is time to move on. 

Remember, every company rises and falls on leadership. 


Did you do what you were told to do to be successful?

Did you follow the pattern?  How about the scripts?  Did you do the activity?  Did you actually work the business?  Before you go running off to another company or opportunity, you may want to look at your own work ethic.  Was it enough to get the job done? 

It is extremely hard to find anyone in any legitimate company that is unsuccessful IF they did what they were supposed to do. 

I talk to a lot of reps in other companies that never really engage in the business.  They connect in, they are excited for a short period of time and then they do very little to build a business. 

Some attend meetings and some buy the product but a lot just do what they did in the last company they were in – very little.

Changing your company doesn’t change your pattern.

If you follow the pattern of the unsuccessful, you are going to continue to be unsuccessful no matter what company you join.   The changes don’t have to be with your company – they have to happen to you.

When you are truely connected to the right company, the facts don't matter.  YOU totally engage.  100% All the way in.

You do everything you are suppose to do because you want to do it.  It will not matter how long or how how hard it is.  You do the basics - everyday.

Everyday you are talking to someone new.

Everyday you are getting better.

Everyday you are looking for new customers.

Everyday you are doing everything you can to move your business forward.

If you are not really doing everything you need to be doing, you might as well stay where you are and work on your own activity before you go running somewhere else.


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