Quit Talking About The Money!


It’s like a loud noise:  “You can make $2,000 a month with my program!”  “You can make $20,000 a week with my product!”  “You can make $200,000 a day with my company!”

Everyone seems to be offering the idea that their opportunity is the way to lots and lots of money. 

And maybe that is the case.

So why is no one getting in to your opportunity?

Tossing around a bunch of numbers does not sponsor people.  People do not relate to the money numbers.  Money numbers are just numbers and people don’t buy just numbers.

People buy things that solve a problem or a need.

Well if they don’t have any money isn’t getting more money solving that problem?


They want more money for a reason.   They want more money for what money will do for them.

Here’s a hint that will help you sponsor a lot of people:  Ask why they need more money.  Ask them what they would do with it.  Ask your prospect to tell you what it would be like if they had a few more dollars every month.  Find out what they are looking for.   Look for the reason they why they want more.

If you focus on the why then the money has a use.  Money is only a vehicle to help them get what they really want. 

In my company I ask my prospect why are they looking.  Why do they want more?  What would they do if the business really worked for them?  I ask the new reps why they got connected.  I want to know what is motivating them to add one more thing to their busy schedule.   

Once I have their answer, I can then show them how to get what they want.  I focus not on the money but what the money can do FOR THEM.  Let’s say they want to put their children in private schools. 

So when I show my marketing plan I don’t focus on how much money can be made.  I don’t say you can make $2000 a month. 

Instead, I say something like:  “I know that this extra $2000 should be enough to put John and Suzie into that private school, wouldn’t it?  What school are you thinking about putting them in?  Now why that school?”

Move the focus off the money number and onto their reason.

Focus on what the money can do for them and you’ll sponsor a lot more people.


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