Chill Out And Have Some Fun

It is amazing how serious some people get with our business.  They treat it like their job or workplace.  They bark out orders to their prospects and reps and then they wonder why more people don’t sign up. 

I’ve got two quick tips to help you have a lot more fun and sponsor a lot more people at the same time.

Many people work the business like it is a life or death situation.  They come on strong.  They demand that the prospect or their reps get serious.  And then they get frustrated when then prospect doesn’t get in or their new rep doesn’t go after the business. 

One of the biggest characteristics of a frustrated and failing marketer is their scow. 



This is one of our best features.  We don’t have to act like we are in an office.  We don’t have to play the corporate game.  We don’t even have to pretend we like we are being productive or we’ll be fired.

Remember, you can’t get fired.  You own your own business! 

The more friendly and the more approachable you are, the more people you will attract. 

Here’s are two things you can do to enjoy the process, not get so tied up and sponsor a whole bunch more people.

1. People like to be around people they like.


Before you call or talk to anyone – smile.  That’s right, put a huge smile on your face and remember you are working toward your solution.  You have an answer.  You have way out.  You are the one that will never have to stay in that cubicle the rest of your life.

People who have a smile on their face are more likable.  They just look friendly.  People like to know why people are happy.  They really want some joy in their life and if you look like you have it then they want it.

It’s ok to joke around.  It’s ok to laugh at your own mistakes.  If you say something backwards just smile and say, “I can’t believe that came out that way.  See, anyone can build this business.”

Matter of fact, if you just go around being happy-go-lucky all day, someone is going to finally notice and ask you what is up. 

How ‘s that for attraction marketing - low tech attraction marketing.

2. People are attracted to people that make them feel good about themselves.


People are attracted to people who are happy, likable, easy to get along with and can make them feel good.  If they feel better about themselves when you are around then they want to be around you more.

Show up at any type of meeting with the intention of making others feel better. 

Sincerely complement them on a something you observed.  Maybe the way they dress or how they are so loyal.  Maybe how they asked a unique question.  If they are a prospect of yours, just mention how much you appreciate them being at the meeting and being a person of their word. 

When I am on the phone with someone, it is not usual for me to say, “that’s a great question.  I’m glad you asked it.”

By focusing on making other feel special, you’ll feel more special yourself.  It’s hard to cranky and unhappy when you lift up people around you.  When they smile then it makes you smile.   When they feel special they can make you feel special. 

The main point is that if you want your business to grow faster, then keep your face from looking like you’ve sucking on sour pickles!  Have your body language show they you are interested in others.  Keep your attitude positive and treat people around you as you would like to be treated.

Be happy.  Don’t worry. J



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