How To Keep People From Quitting

Does it seem like your business is a revolving door? 

As soon as you sponsor someone then someone else quits. 

One up – one down.  Sometimes it is one up – two down!

It is at best frustrating when your business is in that mode but downright irritating when you really want your business to grow.

First of all you really can’t keep anyone from quitting.  Regardless of what you do people will come and go.  Lots of reasons, excuses and explanations but off they go.

The really nice thing about our industry is that when you have done everything you need to be doing as a sponsor and then they quit, it shouldn’t affect you. It is really teir loss not yours.

In my company I enjoy an extremely high retention rate for my personals and a high retention for the entire organization. 

I think there a few key items we do to maintain this high rate.

We sponsor people not sell them.  There is a difference between sponsoring and selling.  Anyone can get someone signed up into the business.  You can sell someone very easily on your business.  You can use all the selling techniques and “presto” they signed up.  Or you can pressure people, use unreal incentives or even trick them into your opportunity. 

The problem with these approaches are that most people figure out what you did fairly quickly.  Once they figure it out, you’ve lost a lot of creditability and they really don’t want to be around you.  Especially if they feel they have been sold, tricked or even deceived.

When you sponsor they want you and your opportunity.  When you sell you’ve only convinced them that they should not have “bought in”.

We connect with people.  Right from the start it is important for you connect in with your new rep.  Initiate a call.  Don’t wait for them to call you.  Check on them and find out how they are doing.  Validate their decision to start up with you.

We like to let them know we are going to have several days of “orientation”.  It’s a time where we can go over the basics in the business.  We can make a list.  Go over the website.  Answer their questions.  We crystallize their dreams and goals.

It’s not really designed to orientate but to connect with them.  They could learn all the basics by themselves.  Taking it to a more personal level helps us connect with them.

However, the connection doesn’t stop after the first few weeks.  At least once every month or two, we initiate a call to each personal rep that we sponsored.  Just to connect and catch up.  It’s not to get them to do anything but to say hi.  Let them know we have not forgotten about them.

We build relationships with people.  Part of connecting with folks is developing a mutual respect and relationships.  It’s not all about business.  If you are asking questions and listening intently, you’ll discover all sorts of things about other people.  You’ll hear their fears, their desires and their hope. 

Sit down for a cup of coffee.  Go to their home.  Talk after a webinar.  Talk after the meeting.  Talk about things other than the business.  Talk about a movie, a book, a restaurant, a TV Show or sports.   The more you talk to each other, the more each of you can develop a mutual relationship.

We focus on what they need and how we can meet their needs.  Many just need to have the time and space to grow without the pressure of having to perform in the business right away.   Let that growth time be OK with you.

One of my old sayings about this industry is “build strong relations and you’ll build strong retentions.”



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