5 Quick Tips To Get Your Team Moving Fast

One of the most effective ways to motivate your group and your leaders to get back on track is to set an example.

The best way to motivate your group is to get you motivated.

The best way to excite your leaders is for you to be excited.

The best way to energize your team is to be energized yourself. 

Leaders cannot wait for others to get them started nor can they wait around for others to get going. 

Leaders set out first and do not rely on their group to get moving.

Leaders look to set the tone for their organization.

Here are some quick tips to get you going so your group will get going:

1.      Make a quick list and call up some new prospects so you can get excited about some new prospects in your business.  Just talking to new people and starting the process with energize you like nothing else can.  It really starts the entire process.

2.      Start a new book and start talking about it to your team.  Mentioned it at  your meetings, on the phone and when you are with others.  Just one or two points is enough to send the message that you are reading new materials.

3.      Re-listen to some new CDs from some classic speakers like Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley or Zig Zigler, etc.  Glean a couple of key points and quote them at your next meeting.  Hearing these classics can get your creative juices flowing quickly. Make sure to let others know that you re-listened to one of your old CD series and why you enjoy it so much.

4.      Bring a new prospect to your next meeting.  This is the BEST way to signal that you are moving on with or without other people on the team.  Your example shows that you are building your business.

5.      Personally sponsor some new people into your team.  Nothing demonstrates that you are building than actual results.  Sponsoring new people into the organization sends the message loud and clear. 

There is an old phrase in the business that goes “The speed of the Leader is the pace of the pack.” 

Simply put, the faster you get going the faster your team will get going. 


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