Smart People Love To Pay Higher Taxes!

Smart people, educated people, and people who already pay too much in taxes love to pay more. 

High-income people, professional people and corporate executives love higher taxes.

They must love it because they do nothing to keep their tax payments down.

Anyone that has any kind of assets knows that owning your own business has some of the best tax advantages in the country.  Yet there are millions of W-2 workers that refuse to open up any kind of home business. 

They love to pay taxes. 

They would rather pay taxes than give the money to their children or to their grandchildren.  They would rather pay more taxes than to gather some assets to build their estates.

They must love it because they do nothing to keep their tax payments down. 

There are so many home businesses that would allow them to legitimately take significant tax deductions to far offset any “hassle” of owning a small business.

It would be simple, easy and actually a lot of fun.  A lot of people just keep putting it off because they don’t realize how much it is costing them.

There are so many options available that it seems inconceivable that someone would not open up something.

People must love to pay taxes.

We have a home-based business that allows you to purchase hard assets.  The product is a real asset that you can leave to your estate. 

Even if you don’t really love the business side of it, it just makes sense to add assets to your estate and qualify for some tax incentives.

Does your retirement account need more assets in it?

You can run your small business, purchase assets, make a profit, set up a better retirement package and take some take some tax write-offs. 

Or pay more in taxes, leave less to your estate, make no more extra income and watch your retirement income dwindle.

Of course you want to get with your own tax advisor, hopefully before the end of the year and verify your tax situation with them.  This is just an opinion and maybe they can convince you of the facts.

Or do nothing and …

Pay More Taxes.

Some people must love to pay taxes.



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