4 Tips To Explode In The New Year

Here’s a quick list of 4 things to do to get ready to explode in the New Year.

1. Be prepared before the New Year gets here

Now is your time to get everything in order.  If you wait until the New Year is here, you delay yourself by a week or two.  Why even wait that long?  Seize the time now and be ready on Jan 2. 

Everyone tends to delay the inevitable.  You want to grow in the New Year so why wait to get started. Get ready now and while everyone else is getting ready to get ready, you are already moving!

2. Plan, Do, Check, Adjust

You made some plans during 2011.  Perhaps you even made some goals and put them into action.  Look at your 2011 plan.  How did it work?  What went right?  What went wrong?

What did you do?  Check your results.  It really doesn’t matter what went wrong and what went right – what matters is what happened.  It’s way too late to blame anyone or anything.  Let’s just find out exactly what happened.  Check everything. 

If you hit every goal and completed all your plans, just make new ones.  If you missed it, let’s adjust your plan.  Make it more realistic.  Obliviously you can figure out what went wrong and right.  Adjust your plan accordingly.   

3. Goal Setting for the New Year

Make sure your goals are smart.  SMART goals make it easy.







Goals are way different than plans.  Goals are specific and plans are general. 

4. Phone or get with your active upline

Now call your active upline and go over your plans, your goals and ask for assistance.  Ask for their input. They know your patterns.  They know your work habits.  Ask them what needs to change to get what you want.

Now get ready to explode.



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