One Important Characteristic Of All Highly Successful Leaders

Without a doubt highly successful leaders share one key characteristic that separates them from the masses.  This characteristic is easily obtained but elusive to most. 

It’s not because they can’t get it but because they allow others to take it from them.  

They allow others to talk them out of it.  Or show them why it can’t be done.  Or even talk them into believing they are not they ones that can have it. 

That one key characteristic:  Vision.

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran you could not work hard enough to create an organization without vision.  Your vision of the future will take you farther and faster than just hard work. 

Everything becomes easier with knowing, keeping and sharing your vision.

And there are two key traits to keep in mind when you have a vision.

One is to always share it.  And two, never let anyone talk you out of it.

Leaders share a vision and direction that other people want to share, implement and follow.

The leadership vision goes beyond a corporate mission statement and a vision statement.

The vision is powerful leaders believe in the vision with all their heart.  They are passionate about it.  It is part of their being.

They live and breathe their vision.  They desperately want others the see it.  Because they are so intense, they get others to “buy” into it. 

Others get just as excited and passionate because they now can see the power.

Leaders just don’t mouth the words or write it in their notebooks one time.  They live it every day.  They share it with everyone.  They paint it on other people hearts.

Your organization can’t just be excited about how great is the product.  Or how great is the comp plan.  Or hope wonderful the leaders are in the company.  You are not just making money and bringing in more reps.. 

You vision has to be way bigger.  Your opportunity is only a vehicle.  You are using your opportunity as a way for people to share in your vision.

You are changing a generation.  You are restoring financial dignity to a lost generation.  You are giving people an opportunity to redirect the rest of their lives. 

You help people become better people.

You are bringing hope to hopeless world.

Can it get any more powerful than this?


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