Why Home Business Owners Disappear In December?

Normal business doesn’t stop for the holidays so why do some that own their own home business decide to stop?

Business never takes a holiday. 

Actually, some really pick up steam during the holiday season and end up the year on a great positive note.   Thousands if not millions of businesses are going full hours during the holiday season. 

Home business owners seem to have a whole different mindset. 

And it ‘s not just a couple of days or a vacation week.  It’s a “holiday” mindset.  “let’s take off the entire month of December!”

Why do many home business owners disappear in December?


Many people forget that they still show up at their job or profession whether there is a holiday season or not.  Regardless of the time of year, they still have to go to work.  Their bosses or owners require it.

Why wouldn’t people keep building their own business?  Sure some only slow down a little but many stop doing anything.

You are the boss of you. 

You are the owner.

This network marketing holiday mindset has perplexed me for years. 

Top leaders just keep doing the basics.  They stay very consistent and have a constant stream of activity and results.  Top leaders keep their businesses operating.  They are on the phone, doing meetings and moving their businesses forward. 

You would think that those that are not top leaders would “duplicate” the activity of their leadership.  After all, isn’t that where everyone wants to be?

Once you own your own business, it seems to me that you would give it a higher priority of being open than you would ever give a job.  After all you own it .  It is your business.  It is your family business.  Why would another person’s work be more valuable than your own?

Granted it may seem like others are more concerned about parties, shopping, entertaining and the like but the reality is that they all do it on top of going to their jobs. 

Others may be going at a different pace at work but they are still doing the basics.   They are still keeping the business open. 

The reason why some disappear during December?  They don’t treat their business as a business.  Their mindset is not one of an owner. 

Enjoy the holidays.  Rest, have a great time and spend lots of time with the family but remember it’s your business. 

Stay open.




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