Absolute Worst Tactic In Marketing Your Business

There is one marketing tactic that is absolutely the worst.

It irritates the prospect and dooms your chances of recruiting anyone.

Has this ever happened to you?

One of your prospects calls you and immediately introduces you a 3-way call to an upline that is on the call and they start explaining their company and their program!

That is a terrible way to build a business. 

This just happened to me two days ago.  A prospect came into my sales funnel and as usual I called them right away.  He couldn’t talk right then but said he would call back later. ( right…)

To my amazement, about two hours later he called back!

But here’s where it got screwy. 

As soon as he got me on the phone and said hi he immediately started to introduce me to a third party – probably his upline.  I wasn’t sure because neither took a breath but the “spiel” was apparently on.   I was on a 3 way call whether I wanted to be or not.

There are so many levels that this is a terrible tactic that this article could be a book!  Professionalism, image, time management, efficiency, and politeness come into the mix.

As I quietly listened, I became mildly irritated, a little heated and tried to remain calm.  I couldn’t believe there are people that still believe that “ambush” marketing works!

I was getting upset not so much at them but because they obliviously were not taught how to interact with prospects.  The company, the upline or the individual was not training their team members properly. 

The conversation was doomed from the start and any success of the new distributor is in doubt if this strategy continued.

It is a terrible way to build a networking business.  It ranks up there with inviting people to “secret” house meetings. (Where you invite your friends over for dinner, not tell them anything and then have a house meeting starting as soon as they arrive.)  Then they wonder why their friend never wanted to talk to them again.

This one of the worst tactics that anyone could do and here is why: 

They had no idea of my interest, desire or resources when they called me.  They never once “qualified me.”

Neither engaged me in the conversation.

Neither asked me any questions.

Neither asked me if I was looking.

Neither asked me what I wanted.

Neither asked me about me.

It was a complete waste of time for them and me. 

Here’s the lesson:  Qualify your prospects, ask lots of questions and find out what they want.  Armed with that key info you can laser target exactly how your business fits your prospects. 

There is no need to ambush prospects.  Find people that are looking, ask what they are looking for and then show them your solution.

In my primary business I teach a simple phrase that I use with my new prospects, “Are you open to looking at anything besides what you are doing?” 

There are lots of variations to this question but the point is that you want to find someone that is LOOKING.  You can’t make someone that is not looking, look.

Save yourself some time, heartache and image.  Qualify before you engage. 

Oh, BTW, before I left the call, I did give them a quick training on qualifying prospects and professionalism…



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