3 Holiday Marketing Tips For Your Business

Now is your best chance to put your business out to everyone that you know without sending out a ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’ promotion letter, note or telephone call.

Christmas time is great for meeting, reconnecting and catching up with lots of people. 

There are so many people waiting in lines, sitting around or just passing the time.  You have a great chance to run into someone you know or just to meet someone new.

Be prepared to weave in what you are doing and your business. 

With old friends and relatives, it is so easy.  Making it part of the normal conversation is very simple.  Everyone really does want to find out what you have been doing so…let them know.   Conversations about what has happened this past year are easily a great opening to bring up what you are doing. 

It should be done casually and very matter of fact.  It is part of your story so let it out.  This is not the time to be shy or reluctant. 

Here are a few hints on how to bring it up.

1.  Sandwich it in between other good news about what happened this year. 

Make it part of your good things you want to share.  “I’ve been really fortunate to have our ____ business this year.  Matter of fact we even ended up making a great profit and that really helps.  I think we are going to save a some on taxes as well.”

One thing you do not want to do in this conversation is give them your business presentation.  Never use phrases like “you need to look at this” or “this is just for you.”  “Get in with me.” 

Instead, take the approach, “ this may or not be for you but we sure enjoy the extra income.”

Look for openings or any kind of interest.  Look for questions or phrases about how it works or “tell me more”. 

Here’s a caution and if you use it properly, it turns out to be a great curiosity builder and takeaway: Don’t give a lot of info.  Less info is more.  The last thing you want to do is tell them so much that they have no reason to go any further.   You can change the subject at any time just by asking a different question. 

Send them to your website but don’t expect them just to go to automatically.  Get their business card and email and send them the link as a follow up note.

2.  You can just bring it up. 

“Did I tell you we started a ________ business this year?”  (Their answer)  “I’ve been meaning to let you know about it but I’ve had so much success at it, I just can’t remember who I talked to about it.”

In my primarily company we work with a hard assets so it is easy to bring up our program as solution to a money problem or retirement problem.  If yours is health or technology you would just steer the conversation around to that area and use it as a solution.

Give your quick testimony and move forward.

Again, you are looking for any kind of interest.  Watch how much you say and just look for some little interest.

“Now is really not the time to talk about it…I’ll send you some info.”  This is a great phrase to stop the conversation and take it away.  Look to see if they bring it up again.    Look for them to come to you for more.

3.  You can just gather contacts and leads.    Actually, I use this all the time and it is one of my favorites. 

Talk about everything around the business but not the business.  Lots of ways to do this and your company probably has specific teaching on this.  Talk about how bad the economy is or how expensive food has become or how many people are looking for a second income or how people are looking at their retirement accounts.  I like them to tell me what they are looking for without them even knowing that I have a solution! 

I’m looking for a want, need or desire.

In other words, just prospect.  However, prospect with a purpose. 

Here is your chance to get a lot of new prospects that express the same concerns that you do.  Use phrases like, “Are you serious about that?”  “Let me get back to you, I have a couple of ideas.”  “I’ll call you, I think there may be something you may like.  It may or not be for you but I’ll call you.”

One last note, make sure you have your business cards.   You are going to be meeting a lot of people at all those parties, shopping trips and planned activities.  As business owners, you should have business cards for when you meet others, to drop into outgoing mail, to carry to these events, etc.  

Start passing them out like candy.  There are so many people out there this time of year that you don’t want to miss this opportunity.


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