Unlimitied Free Leads

The lifeblood of any networking business is the expansion of the network and that depends on new people joining your business. 

The best quality source ever for new leads is not PPC nor context ads nor radio advertising.  It’s not buying leads nor mass emails nor blogging 24 hours a day.

Properly done, you should never run out of new leads for your networking business.

Maybe it will become a lost art but for those that will excel in learning how to build a network, they will never have to pay for any leads. 

Here are 3 tips to get the best quality leads in the shortest period of time!

  1. Focus on the newest person in your networking business and spend some time helping them make a list of the people they know.   The newest person is the most excited and wants to expand the business as quickly as possible. 

Capture the enthusiasm and excitement of the new person as soon as you can meet with them.   The sooner you can start the process the more productive you will be. 

Stay with the newest deepest person in depth.

My primary company has a comp plan that rewards top producers for placing people in depth below other people and working with them.  I just stay at the very deepest point looking for the deepest, newest and most excited person.

     2.  Spend Quality time making a list with them.   This may take and hour or two of focused effort from both of you.  Stay on task and help them through the process.  If you leave it to them, it normally never gets done.

This is one of the best uses of your time.  Imagine sitting with someone for an hour and ending up with a list of 100 key prospect names, emails and phone numbers.  All qualified for you and all will be personally introduced to you.       

     3.  Help the new person contact this new list.  Simply, asking them to call or email the list will not be very productive. 

Write out the script.  Read it aloud.  Practice with them.  Hold their hand as they call a few.  In other words, guide and lead them through the entire process.  Be available for them to hand you the phone at any time so you can help clarify or explain a question.

You just want them to introduce you or be invited to the next step.

Mainly, keep them on task of inviting their list not explaining the entire program. 

Your goal is to get a few successes under their belt on the first night!

Again, properly done, you should never run out of new leads for your business.   Every new person has a new list and every new list has a new person! 

Treat their list like it is your list!

Simple, easy and an endless flow of quality leads – isn’t that what we all want?