Neglect This And Your Business Is Doomed!

Lots of folks have great skills in recruiting, promoting and sponsoring but for some reason they are always at the same levels.  They never really move forward.

Every month they continue to dominate the local leader boards with all sorts of records and awards.

But every day they are busy. 

But every month no one new stays around.

But every year they never break through to the higher levels. 

Their small group remains small even though they have replaced almost all of them every month or every year. 

So what missing?


One of the keys of building a large networking business is developing relationships along the way. 

People know when you care and they know when you don’t care. 

They know when you are being useful and they know when they are being used. 

They know when you are in it for you and when you are in it to help them.

Major leaders spend quality time with others so they can get to know them and their situation.  They invest time to learn how they can help someone else.  They want to have an insight into someone else to find out how they can best serve them. 

They are purposeful about developing a relationship that goes beyond making money and building a business. 

They listen when you tell them about your life, your joys and your struggles.   They are more concerned about your well being than about your business building.

Of course they cannot help everyone nor spend time with everyone.  But they can help those that are willing to help themselves.  And those they want to help themselves, the leaders develop to a stronger relationship.

There is an old adage in the business that goes, “It’s not how much you know, it’s how much you care”.

Leaders care and leaders develop strong relationships along the way.


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